Saturday, September 10, 2011


Welcome to Rob-tember everyone!  As we gear up for the exciting fall (and hopefully winter/spring as well) we wanted to create a site to share all of the news about Rob that we happen to find.  Robvember is on its way and with the release of Breaking Dawn: Part 1, hopefully eventual news of a Bel Ami release date, and more Cosmopolis information as it becomes available we are looking at a (bright?) light at the end of the "post Water for Elephants drought" tunnel. Let the countdown begin...68 days til BD1!

Breaking Dawn trailer release is Tuesday, September 13 (coincidence that it's Bella's birthday? hrm?).  Mark your calendars now, ladies!



  1. Ouuuu, I like the back ground graphic! Pouty Rob and of course the calendar
    and book reading reminds me of school Rob. School is now in session...Rob 101:)
    Let Rob-tember begin!

  2. Look at you!!! Even I don't know how to do a custom background like that. I love it. Kudos. Here's to days filled with Rob goodness :)

  3. Background is super easy, Lisa - that was way easier than the banner for me...I had some banner issues, but they got resolved (obviously).

    Thanks for kind words, ladies!

    Tesoro - I didn't even realize that about the readingRob when I used that pic...good call on the back to school theme for Rob-tember! Fun!

  4. um, you rock and i love you. the end.

  5. GAHHHHH! I'm so excited about this blog! Love the banner! Love the background!!! This is going to be so much fun!

  6. Love it! My blogs original colors were grey and blue in honor of Edward. That's all he wears in Twilight.

    My blog needs a custom background when you have spare time please! Can I request that?

  7. Sure kitt, let me know what you're looking for and I'll work something up :-) loving getting back into it!

  8. LOVE THIS!!! Thanks lauren for doing this.

    I love you ladies!!!


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