Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Miss Edward's "Just F@#*ed Hair"!!!!

 I was perusing Tumblr last night and came across these two gifs 
comparing Twilight Edward to BD Edward.

The difference is glaringly obvious.  
It is the just fucked hair that our dear Edward is sexily sporting in Twilight.
Does BD Edward have "just about to be fucked" hair????
I really want to take BD Edward, have my way with him, and give him some genuine 
just fucked hair.  Just sayin......
Not that he doesn't look amazing in BD, 
but Edward's tousled hair is kinda his thing, 
so I would have liked it a little tousled.....thank you very much.

So, who would like to take turns...ahem.....tousling Edward's hair?
Get in line behind me!  No cuts, no butts, no coconuts!
(learned that from my 7 year old! LOL)

Happy Saturday!


  1. *grabs number and gets in line...with gel in hand*

    all hail catherine hardwicke.

  2. The difference is sort of a perfect one when you think about it. In Twilight he/they, were "young" and he looks hot but sweet. Even though Edward doesn't age, he did emotionally...And so in BD he's become a MAN. Hot and sexy. And once he breaks that headboard, and Bella's cherry, well, he really becomes a man.
    I'm hoping the feather scene, among others will show him having bed head.
    I want to be first in line to tousle!!! Me first.
    (this is what a lack of sleep does to me)

  3. this is true, tesoro. the hair wouldn't fit for a groom.

    i like sleep deprived fran. :)

  4. Maybe it's just in FF but I always have the impression that Edwards hair is kind of unruly and untamed no matter what he does. So I think it would be unruly even on his wedding day. The line between what SM has written and FF has become so blurred for me, it's nit even funny. Well, yeah, it's a little funny! Lol

  5. Um - that should be "not" and not "nit" . :)

  6. UAB, I totally get the fic hair references every single one I've read talks about the crazy, messy love it though. Tesoro, I agree with your assessment of the boy to man maturity change from the first movie to this though...makes total sense :-)

  7. Fran, once again we are in agreement. Do we share a brain or something? His hair in BD does reflect that he has become Edward the Man.

    Personally, I want the sex hair back. I want the unruly messy bronze locks. And I want them on Edward and Rob. Not that I don't like the WFE hair, it can be hot messy too, ie...eclipse premiere. But I want RomeRob, I want New Moon Berlin. I'm taking last position in line...last is always whats remembered. C'mon Ed, I'm gonna rock your world.

    Gotta live up to my name!!!

  8. Definitely about to be fucked hair!! Either way, I love both Edwards :)

  9. Damn. Naughty beat me to what I was going to say about being last in line. I guess I'll just wait out in the limo for when he's ready to go home...holding his beanie. (twss)

    Too funny, Marie: No cuts, no butts, no coconuts!

  10. @Lisa - Matthew grabs his "boobs" and shakes them when he says "no coconuts"! How's that for a visual?

  11. I'd love nothing more than to mess with his wedding hair. I'm sorry but it needs to be unruly bc he's always running his hands through it. Or is that ff that I'm thinking of, the line between ff and the saga are hard to see. His hair is too tame even through most of the honeymoon pics we've seen already. Fail Bill Condon. Big fat fail. I love everything else I've seen so far though :)

  12. first I laughed so hard at the 'no cuts, no buts, no coconuts' when I read this on email. Then I laughed again when you explained your son's delivery of the line, Marie! LOL

    I have the no-bouffant blues.

    *sigh* I'm not unplesed with how his hair looked in New Moon but Twilight will always be the best. The music, hair, and clothes added a lot to that first movie for us girlies in a way that maybe these male directors don't understand.

    You didn't hear Chris Weitz or David Slade doing commentary on their movies saying, "Rob you had pecs here, yeah baby!"

    [ insert newfound respect for Hardwicke here]

    And SM def referred to Edward's hair as unruly and him running his fingers through it!

  13. I think fanfic just emphasizes it even more. I love the Rob running his hands through his hair bits....I wish Edward did it even more than he does....

  14. I ♥ you UAB, and I agree on all counts. It's "about to be" hair. And I'm with Tesoro on hoping for an amusing and altogether uh-mazing feather scene.

  15. Thanks Meaghan! I cannot freakin wait for the feather's to be a flyin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by btw! As you know,we're a bunch of crazy Rob/Twi-h00rs! Join in the convo anytime you want!


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