Friday, September 16, 2011

I Was Broken

TGIF, Lovelies.

I hadn't seen this Marcus Foster video, thought I might not be the only one. It features a little KStew.


  1. Dear Marcus Foster,

    Let me tell you what you did right with this video. It's black and white. You put KStew in it. Everything else... just... no. If you need some ideas for your next video call Meg she can do waaaay better if you just give her a bunch of pictures and videos of yourself. And if you'd like more unsolicited advice wait around and I'll give it to you.


  2. Aaaand here's some more advice from know, because I'm awesome at video making....

    Kristen looked FAB and needed WAAAY more face time. He is NOT attractive. He looked constipated for most of this video. Has he looked in the mirror while singing? Yeah, not pretty. It coulda used some Rob, just saying. Otherwise, not too shabby.

  3. Just what I needed. Very soulful piece. Whoever did it caught the images of Kristen to match the mood of the song/singer.

  4. @Jen, I think that will be my new answer for EVERYTHING that doesn't exceed my expectations in life. "It coulda used some Rob." LMAO! Love that!

    How was shopping today?
    How was the party?
    How was the movie?
    How was dinner?
    How was dessert?
    How was your run?
    How did class go?
    Answer to all? It coulda used some Rob!

    How was your day? <-----Luckily we know how to add Rob to our days!!

  5. Video aside, I flove this song!!!! I wish it were Rob, but I love Marcus Foster singing it too! I would love it to Rob, but with all the enhancements that are in the official version of the song. Not that I don't love Rob live and raw, but I like it a little better when it's a studio version. I can't wait for this song to be available on iTunes!

  6. Most of you know I Was Broken is my favorite Rob song. I wasn't sure how I would feel about Marcus's video, even though he wrote the song and it is technically his. In the end, I surprised myself and loved it. I love the raspy quality of his voice and I felt that he had lived the lyrics. It goes without saying that I loved the use of black and white. Having Kristen do a cameo was a savvy move. She looked haunting in it and it worked.

  7. PS: kiTT, your comment cracked my ass up!!!

  8. I love this song too!! I would like more Rob singing please. The like 6 songs I have on my iPod just aren't quite enough...even if they are lovely. I know this isn't Rob, but I like to pretend that someday we might get some studio enhanced official songs from him (other than the Twilight soundtrack...of course...). A girl can hope, right?

  9. Did any of you notice the clothes she was wearing? That's the outfit she wore at Comicon.
    Wonder if that's where they were before or rushed off to after...

  10. okay, so i have this dream that rob is going to do an Adele video.
    who's with me? let's put it out in the universe.

    @jen and @tt - yes! it coulda used more rob!


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