Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Blog-O-Versary!!!

So, today is the one year...or...*ahem* 12 Month anniversary of 12Months of Rob.  I can't believe it's been a year already...12 crazy months of movie promos, Twilight read-alongs, photoshoots, awards shows, filming news, and fanfic reading.  It's been a great year and with the last of the Twilight Saga (*tear*) on the horizon, and more new movies coming up, it's going to be another amazing year.  I know I can't wait to share it all with you.  That being said, I think we need a little bit of what brought us all together.....happy Blog-o-versary everyone!


  1. Nice way to start the day, the week and celebrate the year worth of Rob.
    NICE! xo

  2. So much Rob goodness to celebrate!!!! Happy Blogiversary!
    I <3 you girls!!!!! Big squishy hugs!!!!

  3. Happy Blog-o-versary to you all!!!! And thanks for massive amount of Robp0rn this morning!! Just what I needed this rainy Monday!!!


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  5. Great way to celebrate, Q! Can't believe it's been a whole year already. Looking forward to many more though.


    PS: The new banner looks awesome :)

  6. Happy Blog-o-versary to all my partners in crime! A year of robp0rn, movie trailers, too many fanfiction stories...I LOVE YOU ALL! I can't wait to see what kind of trouble we can get into next!
    Big Naughty hugs to each of my girls!

  7. Oddly enough I got on this morning quick before work thinking "I know it's close to the start of the blog...I know I did a Sept. 11 post last year so it's gotta be around now sometime...we probably missed it." Little did I know that our first post was September 10, 2011 (9/10/11 haha). Glad I caught it - the pictures were just SOME of my favorites from the past year. There are, of course, always more, but I thought this was a decent selection. kiTT - the ice cream licking was just for you...we know how you love the tongue. It's been an amazing year and I couldn't have asked for better friends to share it with. You guys rock my socks. And you're all right, it is a nice way to start a Monday morning, isn't it??? :)

  8. What a perfect year of Rob this has been. You are all the bestest! Thanks for putting this together Lauren :)

  9. *sigh* What a lovely collection you've got here!
    Happy Blog-O-Versary!!
    Perhaps this year, I will lurk less and comment more...

  10. Tongueporn from Rob is the best!
    What a fab year! Thanks q! And to all of you I say thanks!


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