Sunday, February 12, 2012

New DuRob Stills...

(White shirt and room for Fran!!!)

(Suave & Debonair DuRob...)

These are yummy.
Enjoy girls!

(photos courtesy of RObsessed)


  1. White shirt plus white room. Nice.
    Balances his dark character in this movie.
    Regardless, he's hot.
    Thank you Miss Naughty.

  2. Lauren and I were drooling over these together when we had lunch at Navy Pier this afternoon!!!

  3. Is it weird that I really love the pic of Rob with his face beat up? He looks so freakin' hot!

  4. Like I told Kassie..I love all of them.
    I like the beat up one too! I told Fran the shirts with the collars all high like that are killing me...nom nom nom.

    The one where he is in the cream suit? Yeah kinda hot too...he looks either pissed or stalking one of them....YUM

  5. I'm drooling over the in the Philly airport right now....again. This movie will kill us....


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