Thursday, March 22, 2012

HOLY HELL...brace yourselves...

It's Time!!

It's time, it's time, it's time!!  (Said in my best sing-song Alice voice...)

Teaser trailer for Cosmopolis here....I've watched it like 12 times now...I can't stop...holy.fucking.hell....I'm going to be late for work because of this thing...

and a slowed down version because someone out there is a genius and wanted us to see things a little bit better...especially after our brains exploded after that first version:

Please enjoy on repeat...

...oh and don't forget...BD2 trailer will premiere tonight at (midnight) showings of The Hunger Games in theaters!!  2 Rob day?  Yes, I think so...and this is a world I can move, Cosmopolis, very smart move...


  1. OMG. There are no words that would do justice to THAT. Not even close, I wasn't even close to expecting that level of...whatever. But I'm not surprised our man could pull that shit off.
    Holy shit.
    And Lauren, I'm going to be late too, so worth it.
    Thanks for getting it up! lol

  2. What Fran said......I'm freakin' speechless!!!!!

    How much to you love Rob strutting down the alley.....fuck! This movie is going to kill me! I'm looking forward to BelAmi, but Cosmopolis looks MUCH better!!!!

  3. I forgot to say....I was seriously holding my breath the first 2 times I watched this!!!! But Rob always takes my breath away....that's nothing new. :)

  4. Holy wow!!!!! I'm so excited for him.
    And it was nice to see the sultry stare again, we all know it's in there.
    What's up w the eye stab? I don't remember that part. Of course... You all may be focusing on other things. Lol

    So awesome!!!! Guy fans, here is our Rob.

  5. Holy fucking limo fucking!!! WTF am I gonna do for the rest of my life now that I know I have an expiration date?

    My tombstone will read

    Here lies one very happy woman! Eric Packer will be the death of women everywhere.

  6. I think that was the assassination that he watched on TV, Meg. If I recall correctly?

    I can't believe how much they show in the trailer actually - the gun pointed at Torval, him sitting with Benno, the shot to the hand...those are all pretty late in the story to be in a trailer usually.

    This will definitely open Rob up to a whole new audience. This isn't the lovey-dovey stuff that everyone thinks of for sure. Not that BA is, but this is even beyond that. Guys will go see this with their girlfriends/wives because they'll want to see Rob and the guys won't mind seeing this.

    There has even been some early Oscar-type buzz for this already. Not to say that it's going to happen because that's just not how things work for me - if it's something I want to happen it probably won't - but even the buzz is good and awesome to hear.

    I cannot freaking wait for this movie. I was just saying last night - I'm excited for BA, but not to the same extent as this one. I'm excited to see everything he's in, but there's something about the content of this, the raw commentary on American life...I don't know.

    And his the's so dark and almost sultry...gah! Ok...enough rambling from me for now...

  7. Oh...hey, me again. Just thought I'd watch the trailer again....and again, and again, while Rob raises his arms up to the ceiling from behind me and I moan in ecstasy.


    Okay, *THAT*... was not in the book.

    I so missed his sexy stare. Just perfection.

    Lauren, I think you should get what you want. Just sayin. :) Although, some of the best performances: Johnny, Leo, Tom...get nothing. It may actually be better for his career. Does that make sense?

    He's shaping up to be the Michael Douglas of our generation...only a million times better and sooo much hotter and smarter and...
    you get it. i know, you ladies get it.

    I. am. dead.

  8. You're right about the thing I'm hoping for...the buzz is nice either way - at least a little recognition that he's not a "one trick pony" so to speak. We all know it - I just like when other people acknowledge it too. You're right with the Depp connection too - I've seen some similarities between their careers early on that I have pointed out before too. I'd be fine if he ended up with a career like Johnny's. :)

  9. Lord...may he have mercy on our souls.

    Rob, naked in a limo with a gun aimed at him...

    *waves hands wildly* I'm all over the place!!!

  10. I am thisclose to pitching a big damn hissy fit because I am at work and cannot watch! Arrrrrgh! Well, let me take that back. I can watch without sound. *gasp* I can watch without sound! It's better than nothing!

    I believe I may be one of the few people on this earth who has no idea what the hell Cosmopolis is even about. Note to self...get that damn book.

  11. I just waited till no one was in here and told my co-workers to ignore the extra sounds for about 35 seconds while I drool over, I mean, watch this trailer.


  12. Better get my will in order...


    @ Meg: yep. hands over head. ohmyrob.

  13. @TwiWeasel - I read the book - it's short (only a couple hundred pages I think) and only 4 chapters. It's one of those "modern American genius author works" which means that no one really gets it, but it's "really good." I had to force myself to keep reading until I got to chapter 4. Then, there's some awesome action so it was easier to get through. Now that I've read it, I liked it, but the process of reading it was kind of...ugh. If that makes sense. I like the story, but there's so much sensory description that I'm thinking it will translate awesome to screen and eliminate some of the downtime. I'm not sure how they're doing it, but there isn't a ton of dialog in the book, so I'm wondering if we'll be treated to a lot of voice-over. Most of the book are his thoughts about things, not actual talking.

    I'm ok with listening to Rob talk for 2 hours....I could listen to that voice all day :)

  14. @laureate04 - may have convinced me to just wait for the movie. LMAO!! I totally understand that...ugh...feeling when reading a book, and usually that's enough to keep me from finishing it.

    Hmmm...I find myself in a dilemma.

  15. You may enjoy it more because Rob is the main character. That's what got me through. Imagining him.

  16. @twiweasel ...I'm glad I read it now that I'm done. And I get the message and like the story. It's just not my style of writer. I of course read it when I heard rob took the role....that gave me some motivation :) I think its going to be awesome on screen though. Audio book might also be a good way to go...I did that after reading it :)

  17. @twiweasel ...I'm glad I read it now that I'm done. And I get the message and like the story. It's just not my style of writer. I of course read it when I heard rob took the role....that gave me some motivation :) I think its going to be awesome on screen though. Audio book might also be a good way to go...I did that after reading it :)

  18. Am I seeing this correctly? That's Packerson in the limo, no?

  19. I meant...peeing in the limo. Is that him peeing in the limo?

  20. Meg, I think that is him peeing or something else as
    down and dirty.

    Yes, this is going to be, as my coworker so rightly put it, disturbing. But so, so good.

  21. Hey, what's the big animal crawling around the city? Anyone know?

  22. A rat... a hallucination from seeing one at the restaurant with his wife... after he gets high at the rave I think.

  23. Rat fits. Big ass rat too. Must have been some serious drugs.

  24. rats are a symbolic part of the plot. you'll see them throughout the movie, i bet.


    Here is one of the many stills Robsessed has of Packinson taking a piss in the limo... priceless!

  26. OK, first you encourage me to read, but then tell me the story is full of RATS?!?! {{{shudder}}}

    Rats are to me
    Wh*les are to Lisa.

    OK, maybe not THAT bad. I don't think I've ever jumped on someone's back because I saw a rat on the television. (Unlike a certain someone who saw a Shark Week commercial in the TV in the casino and then tried to ride me like a horse. *smirk* Yeah, good times.)

    OK...I'll bite. If you've *cough*gotacopy*cough* and would be *cough*willingtoshare*cough* I will read it. :D I'll be sure to come back and let you know my thoughts afterward.

    One last regards to that Pee-ing picture...someone get that boy a fizzy drink. He's got no pressure whatsoever. *eyeroll*

  27. OMG, TwiWeasel! That picture you painted of Lisa! LMAO

    As far as the "pressure", totally a tube providing the stream. Unless that boy has great kidney function I don't think he could pee on command several times. LOL

    Like Lisa said, just think about the fact that it's in his hand...

  28. I'm now wearing my *thinking of the fact that it's in his hand* face. *strangled groan*

    At least Lisa

    A) Appologized
    B) didn't yell "YEE-HAW!"

  29. @twiweasel let me know your e-mail address. :)

  30. OK girls...I've got it now. (the pdf, I mean) I just wanted to let you know so I don't suddenly get a dozen copies! LOL!! Thanks!

    I'll be sure to share my thoughts, but be patient with me. I'm in the middle of some slashy goodness right now and it's being put on the back burner.

  31. this isn't an assignment. we're all about reading for pleasure. ;)

    back to the trailer....i feel like Elise (the blonde in the library) doesn't really fit, ya know? have we decided if we like her (Sara) yet? guess we shall see when press time comes. we'll do a shot each time she gives Rob a back-handed compliment or somehow changes the subject to Cronenberg's talents. ;)

  32. LOL, thanks for the reminder, @Meg. I'm aaaaall about pleasure. ;)


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