Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Meg!

Meg, From the first time I came across your blog Robzsinger I knew I wanted to be your friend. You were witty and cool, knew how to incorporate music into everything that is Rob. You understood the book Cosmopolis and shared with us your own cliffs notes version so we didn't have to muddle through all the DeLillo speak ;) and come to understand the movie Rob chose to make. When we finally settled our plans to meet with Fran in New York I could not have been more excited! The day came and wouldn't you know it, you were as witty and cool and sweet in person as you were online. I'm so happy we're friends and I'm glad to have shared so many Rob experiences with you. I hope you have a fantastic Rob filled birthday! Love Kassie


When I was working on your birthday pic, the first thing that popped in my head was "riding crop". LOL Our first time meeting in person was going to see Water For Elephants and Rob with the bullhook was just too much like Fifty and his riding crop for these pervy h00rs! I am so happy that I got to see that with you and would LOVE to see Cosmopolis with you too!!!! I hope we have more opportunities to get together because really, you are only like 4 hours away! Pffft....that's nothing! Thanks for being a wonderful friend! Love you!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!





My Meggie,

After chatting on Twitter for a couple of weeks to a nameless, faceless person...well, all I can say is we just hit it off. I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone (and into the Twilight Zone) and took a chance. I love you SO much--and I am so glad that we have become friends. I hope that your birthday brings you smiles, laughter, and joy--because you bring that to my life. Happy Birthday, my friend.

Okay. Enough with the heavy. Here's some eye candy for you...

New Moon New York Rob. Your fave.

Sex-stare-sex-hair Rob. Everyone's fave.

WFE Rob. My fave.

The next premiere/movie viewing/event that you attend...I hope to be there--save me a spot right next to you...I'll need a hand to hold, as well. I love you, hon. Have a great birthday!!!

Your Jen.



Happy Birthday Meg from all of us at 12 Months of Rob!


  1. WOW! What a wonderful way to wake up!

    First, I get a sweet hug and birthday song from my Isabella....and now this ;)

    Thank you for all the time and thought each one of you put into the post.

    Kassie, you about made me cry. I enjoy you so much, hon. I'm so glad we both took a chance and jetted to NYC. It was an epic weekend and I wouldn't want to wake up at 5am to see Rob's hair, jaw, the way he stands in a suit, or even the guy fixing the lights across the street with anyone else. I hope you feel as special as everyone sees you as, Miss Sassy Kassie....because you are. xo

    UAB! Why is that picture so hot??? I love it. The sexpenders, the gentle way he's approaching the elephant...Robowski, so pretty to watch.
    It was so fun seeing that movie with you...twice in a row! I wouldn't want to watch Rob shovel manure with anyone else. Even though I'm not around as often as I used to be, please know you are always on my mind and in my heart. Thank you for always being so generous to me. xo

    Jen, thanks for being my rock. You have made me giggle so much and I miss you terribly. It's so nice to have someone in my life that I have a special connection with. AND you even stuck around after discovering that I'm a head case (bonus friend points). I can't WAIT to meet you soon! It's gonna happen... it's just got to. I see moon roof thrusting in our future. xo

    Fran...eeny, meeny, not-so-tiny, oh! Gosh, we are twisted group of pervs. But we sure do got some great taste. *nods* Mmm hmm. God bless those British boys.
    Tesoro, I'm so glad I got to meet the woman who first blew me away with her kind and articulate comments on the blog.
    Thank you for showing me how to be a strong woman, for teaching me about life. I've learned a lot from you. And there's still so much more to come, with or without Rob...but, I mean, who couldn't use a little more Rob in their future?
    Exactly. :)
    Big love to you, mama. xo

    kiTT, I'm over here clapping and picturing Rob, all sweaty and with a little buzz on, singing to me at the local pub. ;) Perfection. I think I'm gonna have to grab a hold of that pole next to him and do a little smexy dance in my b-day suit. haha! Scratch that, I want Rob swinging around that pole, giggling away.
    Girl, no matter what my mood is, you always bring a smile to my face. What a gift to give someone everyday. You are so creative and witty. Thanks for being you, 90210 obsession and all. Here's to watching Rob walking around in a suit while he swings his gun. Woo hoo! Good times ahead!
    Big hugs to you, my friend. (((HUGS)))

    Lauren, the banner looks awesome! Thank you for putting this blog together so well.
    I'm so glad I met you at 4am on a New York City street and invited you up to my hotel room. hahaha! Sometimes, ya just get a feeling about someone. ;) They say the cream always rises to the top... and I know I will always find you there, baby.
    With loads of admiration, Megan. xo

    Lisa, I love that pic (natch). The Jacob quote was a ver-ah nice touch as well. :)
    You are the type of person who touches the lives of everyone you meet. I'm so glad I got to be one of them. And I can't wait to hang with you again some day soon.

    xo Megan

  2. Happy Birthday, Meg!! We love you!!

  3. *and thanks to Kassie for getting everything posted - stupid being out of town stuff I have going on!! Love ya, Twin!*

  4. Meg,
    Like Kassie, the three of us went into this blindly. I remember being so surprised at myself for, for once in my life doing
    something fun, a little irresponsible and just for me. Kassie agreeing to be my room-mate made it safer because I just knew
    she had the purest, most lovable soul. And I was right. But when you finally agree to fly in too, I felt a little out of my league because the impression I had of you was that you were a total bad ass (in the best meaning of that term,) hip, cool, talented, and extremely confident woman. And boy did I admire that, because I am none of those things. I was nervous you'd be disappointed and bored with me when you finally met plain ole me.
    The minute we opened the door to the room and you entered with that comment about this could totally be a "Craig-list" moment
    I realized you were feeling exactly the same as I was. After spending our time bonding, I realized I was right about you.
    You were all those awesome things, but what I didn't know, the piece that slid into place, was that you were even more than what
    I had perceived you to be.
    You are sweet, considerate, insightful, and a devoted mother. You are the whole package Meg. And if I'd only known the
    Robszinger you, I would have only known the part of you that that needed to create and express herself. Now I see the part
    that is a strong woman, doing what needs to be done, right now, for the best of reasons. And I admire you on an even higher level.
    Thank you for getting me and for always SINCERELY caring. I finally get it now, I feel you, I do.

    Have a wonderful birthday, you deserve nothing less. Wrap yourself around those babies of yours, and they will always be your babies no matter how old they grow to be. This is your mama time, be in these moments. We still see Robszinger too, bad ass, talented, and fun.
    Be good to yourself today, enjoy it. The rest is yet to be.

  5. Hope this is just one of many wonderful ways you celebrate today! Love you so much!!!
    P.S. did you notice I superimposed a riding crop in there in place of the bullhook? LOl

  6. Meg, Have a terrific day!!! Getting a little song from Isabella sounds wonderful! As you look ahead, keep in mind that Edward, Georges, Eric, Rob, and, of course all of us, will be around to bring laughs and happy smiles to your upcoming year.

    Take care of you!
    kiTT :)

  7. Lauren-Cool banner! Very festive. (Why do I suddenly want a piece of Rob cake?)

    Kassie-Great job putting this all together! You may want to consider being a party planner or wedding consultant. :)

  8. OMG I can't believe I missed ur bday. *facepalm*

    Happy belated birthday my dear Meg! I hope u had a lovely day. I hope ur family spoiled and took care if u on ur special day. I wish u a fabulous year. I miss u like woah!!!!


  9. Fran, thank you so much for that. I miss my bad ass days but know that now is the time for organizing egg hunts, arranging prayer activities for bella's class, and making cupcakes that look like easter baskets for ted's (and that was just this past week). But there will always be time for Rob AND most importantly, there will always be time for you ladies. You supported me and listened to me during a time where I felt pretty isolated and unappreciated. Each day, I'm remembering who I am and getting stronger Thank you for being there. But, like Jen said, enough with the heavy.

    That's right, kiTT...too many good times ahead to look forward to. It's gonna be epic. ;)

    Smitten, I miss you hard. And I will be e-mailing you soon. xo

    I really had a nice day. The hugs from my kiddos was the best present of all.

  10. Awwww thanks Meg! See even on your birthday you can't stop yourself from being so sweet!

    Don't ever let the bad ass go, we love that part too. Just maybe hide her at church and school ;)


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