Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to NaughtyHB!!!

A little birthday humor to start ;)

Special thanks to Q for her hard work on this audio clip

Marie, I can still remember the day that I first 'met' you. We were participating in the blogger sleepover. Do you remember? UAB and I were going back and forth about Illinois and surprise! You happened to live really close by. So close in fact the two of you were practically twins separated at birth. I even remember when we all decided to see WFE together. You, me, UAB, Meg and Kristen all sat mesmerized by Rob in all his duuuurty goodness. I'm so happy we weren't killers, and I'm sure you were most happy about that too. I just wanted to say happy birthday Naughty! I'm so happy we're friends and get to experience this whole crazy Rob world together. Love, Kassie.


I was trying to decide what picture to use for your birthday, and I started thinking about our "first date" so I went with a WFE pic. We met up for Water For Elephants, sat together, just you and me, having never met before (other than online) and we hit it off like we'd know each other our whole lives!!! I knew we were meant to be friends! I think my ribs are still a little bruised from all your "Look at Hot Rob" elbowing - and there was a lot of Hot Rob that day! Thank you for all the wonderful times we've had this past year and the laughs. For going to the 100 Monkeys concert with me, for hosting our little "toy party", for making the most fuckawesome cake I have ever seen and for just being an amazing friend! Love you girl! Happy Birthday!!!




I know we just "met", but I can tell you that I think you're good people. (well, you're my kinda people, anyway...and I think that's good!) The thing about you, Naughty, is you say what I am thinking. You don't hold back--you make people smile, but you're caring and welcoming, too. I'm glad you are my friend, and I hope your birthday is fabulous.

Here's a little Roh-Bear. Just for you.

A little Fifty, perhaps?

Or what about Rome Rob? nom nom nom

Or how about casual-oh-my-God-I-need-to-lick-his-jaw Rob??

Anyway...Whatever Rob you prefer...ENJOY!! Hope you have a terrific birthday!!


And from the bottom of my heart, I just want to wish you a happy birthday and tell you that it means so much to me that you chose me to headline at 'Cover Me'

"Did someone say cover me?" Happy birthday, Naughty. You are the bomb. Love, Lisa


*waves* Hey, Naughty! It's me, Meg....better late than never, right?


rome rob gif Pictures, Images and Photos

It was so wonderful to meet you in Illinois. Thanks for always keeping us in the loop with your life and thanks for being such a good pal. I wish you 365 days of bliss. You deserve a wonderful day!

Don't ya think, Rob?

Oh, yeah.


One more time from all of us here at 12 Months of Rob

Happy Birthday Naughty!

PS: Get your ass over to CM! There is another surprise waiting for you :)


  1. Somewhere there is a little birthday block for you like Meg's :-) I'll get it up when I get home :-) Happy birthday, girl....and yes, I'm still up! me

  2. Have a wonderful afternoon celebrating with your boys, Naughty! Happy Birthday!

    Thanks K/Q for setting this all up!

  3. Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a fabulous day! :)

  4. Another great job, girlz.

    Enjoy your day, Naughty. Mwah!

    PS: kiTT needs to put a quarter in the swear jar. js

    1. Meh...She gets a pass on "Naughty's B-day, Lisa!

  5. Marie,
    How perfectly "naughty" all these birthday wishes are. Just. For. You.
    I know your boys will be good to you today, have fun!

    (as always Lauren and Kassie, the blog looks so pretty and Rob special!)

  6. You gals are the BEST! Thanks for making me Laugh, Smile and making my panties wet with all the Rob Goodness! If I haven't told you enough...I LOVE YOU GIRLS WITH ALL MY HEART!
    I could not ask for a better group of friends. Not just Twi-Friends, but REAL LIFE FRIENDS!

    Thanks, Smitten! Appreciate it much!

    Lisa, CH saw the "cover me" and yelled "OMG!" LMAO
    You gals did awesome! Thanks much Q & K for setting it all up.

    Off to Cover Me to figure out what the hell you gals did over there. Hope it's some nekkid man!!!! *snicker*

  7. We love you too Marie!! We should do a belated party over the summer and see a show like at Cover Me ;)

  8. Hope you are having a wonderful day! Love you!!!!

  9. ugh Lisa!
    Why you goTTa crap all over my "WALL fucks" with the slash stuff?!?!?!?!?!?


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