Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Fabulous Q!

Dearest Lauren, my tech savior, BDB buddy and Cover Me do I love thee? I wish you much happiness on your birthday! I'm so happy to have met you and am able to share my pervy thoughts with you.
You brighten our days with your shopping excursions, running out of gas and love of all things Roblated. U is a very lucky man!
Here's a bit of perv just for you...
Happy Birthday, Lauren!

Love, E & his handler, Naughty!
Hey Twin! Who would have thought standing out on a street corner at night in New York City would lead to this? I'm so happy I decided to follow Rob to New York because he brought you to me. I'm surprised you didn't think our little group was completely insane.... well now you know we are and we're so happy you are a big part of this group. Without you this blog would have never gotten off the ground, and we wouldn't have half this amazing stuff if it wasn't for you. Now since I couldn't get your services on a gift, you'll have to settle for something I made LOL. I love ya Twin!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Lauren!!! Hope you have a fantastic day. I've enjoyed getting to know you over these past few months, and even though we've never officially "met", I think you are an awesome lady. Here's a little Rob just for you...
Happy Birthday


Lauren, the fact that you flew all the way to Chicago to be at our BD party, still flabbergasts me! I feel so honored that you came. I finally got a chance to meet you in person and it turns out that you are just as wicked awesome in person as you are in cyberspace!!!! Thank you for all of the techie things you do for us. I wish you a wonderful birthday....and that it has a little Rob in it! I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty of setting you and Rob up on a little photo date for your special guys do make a really cute couple!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!


Twitter avi to celebrate :)

Some people curse the rain that ruined camping out overnight for the WFE premiere.
We think it was a blessing in disguise. For without it, we never would have given up
and come back down to get in line early that morning...and then met you.

Happy birthday, Lauren!

Love, Lisa

PS: Thanks for the wake-up call that day, Fran ;)
Q!!! You are sooo fabulous for many reasons, the least of which is your technical ability. Glad I met such a wonderful person on the streets of NYC a year ago.

Rob running? Pictures, Images and Photos
ROB: Wait! I want to meet this Q you speak of.

You are the tops, babe.....and I hope you have a birthday to match.

Bel Ami Pictures, Images and Photos
Now turn around and get ready for some bday lovin from DuRob

One more time from all of us and Rob!

Happy Birthday Lauren!
We'll let you guess what's in the box.
The guys from SNL could probably tell you ;)


  1. Lauren,

    Have a wonderful day! Thank you for being you and humoring us with everything! 3rd card down is from me, btw. Well from Rob via me. :) He's clever.

    It's your birthday. It's your birthday.

    UAB-awesome skillz!

  2. Lauren I think it's super great that you get to be home on your birthday. I hope you fill the day with
    all that you wish to do.
    (the "Packer" picture card I sent you is too small to see, but tech Queen that you are, blow it up some and you'll see Eric is holding his newly prepared NDA, just for you as an added gift.)
    Happy, happy!

  3. Hope you're day is fabulous, just like you!
    I have a few other pics I did of you and Rob - but I thought this one was the best.
    I'll have to send you the "outtakes". :)

    P.S. - Thanks kiTT!

  4. Happy birthday, Lauren! I hope you have a day as wonderful as you are.



  5. Happy birthday Lauren! I hope u have a lovely day, and an even better year! Treat urself to something special today, or make sure someone spoils u good!! :)


  6. Oh, and that NM manip... Wow. Just. Wow. *licks* *ded*

  7. Happy birthday, Lauren! That WFE pic of Rob was from me, didn't want you to think I had forgotten you. Hope you have a great day, and fabulous Rob-dreams. Love you!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Lauren! Sorry I was late.
    Here's to 12 months of Rob, fun, and friendship!

    Lisa, that avi is da bomb!


  9. Now I'm about to get all mushy so get ready.... I'm so happy that we met in New York, I know I said it in the post but in the year I've known you you have become one of the greatest friends I could have ever asked for. We have so much in common its scary awesome. If I could have a twin, which I've always wanted to be one, I'd want my twin to be you!! *HUG* Happy Birthday Lauren!!!

  10. @Naughty - I have loved all our CM artistry and tech fun :) Glad I can be there to help and that we get to share our pervy sides a bit ;-) Love ya!

    @Kassie - Ok, I'll be sappy too...I'm so glad you're my pervy twin and real twin in so many things. I never would have guessed that the fly by the seat of my pants trip to NYC would lead to so much, but I'm so, so happy it has. I'm so glad that we can share so many things...Rob, wrestling, fanfic, BDB, HG, tv shows, growing up in the 90's memories, everything! I love it and I love you, long-lost sister of mine!! *Hugs back at ya*

    @kiTT - It's been awesome getting to know you and "spend time" chatting about books and writing and tv shows and all that goodness - and even all the craziness in our 'real lives'. Thanks for being such a great friend!

    @Jen - I actually guessed that one was from you - you know I love a little Robkowski and so do you!! Thanks for thinking of me - it's been great getting to know you for sure!

    @UAB - I can't believe I flew all the way to Chicago either! Best decision I'd made in a long while - I was so glad I could be there to celebrate and have fun with all of you and get to finally meet you and Naughty in person!! Thanks for the pictures and the birthday wishes, love ya, bb!

    @Fran - I'm so glad that you guys came down when you did and weren't freaked out by the 2 random girls who struck up conversation with you! Look at how far it's all come from that day! you, madrina!! Thank you for always sharing not only your crazy, silly side, but your wonderful life advice when things get crazy!

    @Lisa - I will never forget trading twitter names at like 7am in NY and you scanning through my list of follows and approving each one until you got to the Yankees ;-) Hey, I'm a NY girl, through and through! That avi is amazing - thanks for thinking of me! You guys have made me teary! (hmmm...wonder who'd understand that feeling!)

    @Meg - Yes, 12months of Rob, fun, and friendship - it was (5 days from now) a year ago that we met in NY. Can you believe it? Where does the time go! Thanks for dragging me into this fandom and this world - don't know what I'd do without you guys!

    @Smitten - Thanks for the birthday wishes!! Glad to have "met" you through these lovely ladies here and on Twitter and all that good stuff! Such a friendly bunch!!

    To all of you - I feel wonderfully special to have you as friends in my life. We all bring such different views, experiences, and talents to this 'group' we have going on and I wouldn't have it any other way! I love you all - thanks for thinking of me today (you sneaky, sneaky h00rs...) and I can't wait until one of these days when we can all get together and celebrate in person!!! Love you ladies!! (someone grab kiTT...) *GROUP HUG!!!!*

  11. Alright, I got kiTT...Noah helped. ((Group Hug))! LOL
    I hope your day has been fabulous and that U is going to make the rest of the night terrific. Remember...birthday WEEK! It's the best thing going...well besides Rob humping you!

    Happy Happy Birthday, Lauren! Smooches!


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