Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Edward's Birthday and New Trailer

I basically copied and pasted the TJA post! LOL

I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Edward's 111th birthday, than with an awesome new BD2 trailer!
Here we go......


Just added this screen cap -
I love Edward and Bella in the foreground, but also in the mirror in the background.
So cool!


  1. Stunning, Even better than even I expected. Stunning!
    The snow scenes for some reason are perfect. Sets that vampire cold tone.
    The vampires, omg, perfect.
    And the battle scene and the Volturi, no to go watch again.
    Thanks for putting it up so we'd see it first!!

  2. Vampire Bella looks so fierce. Love it!

  3. Holy Moly! Vamp Bella is fierce! Edward and the volvo in snow asking for help...Stupid, Stupid Irina! Come on November!!!

  4. I can't freakin wait!! I've been a little...meh...about Twilight lately, but watching this trailer has rekindled the flame!!


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