Sunday, February 3, 2013

365 Days...Week 5

Welcome back!  I'm actually pretty proud of myself for getting this one done on time this week!!

Enjoy the pretty-ness :)

Day 28:  First pic you saw today

 photo 1-UABFirstPicISawToday_zps0179f5b0.jpg

 photo lockscreen_zps801eae7a.png 

Day 29:  RobPorn

 photo 2-UABRobP0rn3_zps2df3657b.jpg  photo 2-UABRobP0rn2_zps790759c2.jpg  photo 2-UABRobP0rn_zps0fc5cde6.jpg

Day 30:  Favorite Josh Interview
*I think this one was tough...cause ANY Josh interview is a fave...*

 photo 3-UABFaveJoshInterview_zps81b4783c.jpg

 photo robjoshfaveintrvw_zpsf25f63a1.jpg 

Day 31:  Rob pic/gif that reflects your mood

 photo 4-UABRobgifthatReflectsMyMood_zps26be69a3.gif

 photo wfefallingrob_zpsaaf6662b.gif
*looks like we're all a little worn out and wiped out here at 12months...*

Day 32:  Rob pic from the Bel Ami premiere

 photo 5-UABBelAmiPremiere_zps499040bf.jpg
 photo comehither_zps409dc9dd.gif
 photo pattinsonliferedcarpetberlin20129_zpsdb1c1230.jpg 

Day 33:  Rob pic from Details Magazine

 photo 6-UABDetails_zps2ace832c.jpg
 photo RobertPattinsonHQ-1_zps2956c498.jpg 

Day 34:  Rob pic from an awards show Red Carpet

 photo 7-UABRobert-Pattinson-Red-Carpet_zpsc7e56043.jpg  photo 22-3_zpse1f1a143.jpg  photo robert-pattinson_zpsca687caa.jpg

See you next week!!! :)

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