Tuesday, February 26, 2013

365 - Week 8

Aaaaand I'm late yet again...but I promise...the ladies here at 12monthsofRob have made some selections that you will be all to happy to look at on this Tuesday night.  Thanks again to Robsessed for the idea!

I'll shoot for some more on-time posting this week...but until then...enjoy the pretty!  And since I didn't pick any pics this week, you'll have to just deal with my little comments under the pics that were selected :)

Day 49:  First Rob pic that you saw this week

 photo MORENewHQRobertPattinsonNYSE6-1_zps6fc5a666.jpg
*Hey, how about that, I was right down the street (or close enough) when this picture was taken...*

 photo Mon-firstpic_zpsc645f6c4.jpg
*Best. Calendar. EVER.*

 photo 1UABFirstPicISawThisWeek_zps7cbd33c1.jpg

Day 50:  Pic from Bel Ami Presscon/Photocall

 photo pressconfberlinpattinsonlife201213_zps097d720a.jpg
*personally this one was my tablet wallpaper for a good 3 months after I saw it*
 photo 2UABBelAmiPressCon_zps42cfd0df.jpg

 photo Tues-BelAmipresscon_zpsfd88d29d.jpg
*I will forever love Rob in black and white*

Day 51:  Pic of Rob with shorter hair or buzzcut

 photo Wed-shorterhair_zpsba835899.jpg 
*Jacob Jankowski.  Simply Beautiful.*

 photo RobertPattinsonEclipsePortraits3_zps8d906e83.jpg

 photo 3UABRobWithShortHair_zps140a48bb.jpg
*I remember DYING at seeing this first short hair pic...*

Day 52:  Pic/Gif that reflects your mood

 photo mmmm_zpsf2509509.gif

 photo 4UABGIFthatReflectsMyMood_zpse65a6296.gif
*We've seen this one before...it's becoming a theme with all the randomness real life throws at us lately*

 photo GIFEllen4_zps81a352af.gif

Day 53:  Fave George DuRoy Pic

 photo Fri-GeorgesDuroy_zps016aceb1.jpg

 photo 5uabbelamipic_zps0f12d47a.jpg
*The intensity of his stare...in this entire movie...*shivers*

Day 54:  Fave pic edit of the day

 photo 6UABFaveEdit_zps33839d5a.jpg 
*This one was submitted by UAB...and made by her lovely daughter.  So sweet!*

 photo Sat-picedit_zps035ff0d2.png 
*A boy and his guitar...*

 photo francies67174_zps69d007a1.jpg
*Simply gorgeous*

Day 55:  Rob pic at the Oscars

 photo roboscars2010_zps567f6598.jpg
*that smirk...*

 photo 7UABRobOscarsPic_zps4b4b63ac.jpg 
*so freaking adorable...it's like he's saying "aww shucks..."*

 photo Sun-OscarRob_zps8f37fea5.jpg
*Hell. Yes.*

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did when putting it together.  I'm off to send out this week's call to my ladies and get some reading in.  I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!! 


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