Tuesday, February 19, 2013

365 - Week 7

Ok...so I'm sorry that this is so late, but I kicked off my vacation with a weekend full of spending time with friends and my husband...and I just didn't get around to it :)

But at any rate...we have some wonderful selections this week...check them out!  Thanks again to Robsessed for the idea and categories!  Those girls rock!

Day 42:  First Pic of Rob you saw this week

 photo Screenshot_2013-01-30-15-30-49-1_zps9dd2ec41.jpg  photo FirstPic_zps3b43598d.jpg  photo firstpicofRob_zpsc81e8a4b.jpg  photo 1UABFirstPicISawThisWeek_zps191efd2b.jpg

Day 43:  Rob's flushed cheeks

 photo redfacedRob_zpsb727fc0d.jpg  photo 2UABFlushedCheeks_zpsa6b7234b.jpg  photo Blushing_zpsc567832b.jpg  photo Robflushedcheeks_zps916f20eb.png

Day 44:  Love quote from a Rob film

 photo 3UABLoveQuoteFromRobFilm_zpsa222ef0b.jpg
 photo lovequote_zps07b218e9.jpg
 photo youaremylifenow_zpsda5c604b.jpg
and this last one because UAB thought it was too funny not to share...not really from a movie, but...
 photo 3UABLoveQuoteIKnowIsNotInFilmButTooFunnyICouldNotResist_zps420dd328.jpg

Day 45:  Rob Pic/Gif that reflects your mood

 photo hello_zpsdf98b613.gif  photo Moodgif_zps8f015bca.gif  photo TorontoPC3_zps5a510ee9.gif  photo 4UABRobGiftThatReflectsMyMood_zpsa77b89c8.gif

It seems like we all might be loosing it just a little...tipping over to the crazy side just a bit..or saying, 'fuck it'! 

Day 46:  2 words:  Sex Scene

 photo belamisex1_zpsa6430db5.gif 
Bel Ami

Remember Me...my personal faves...

 photo CosmoSex_zpsbdf906e7.jpg 

 photo 5UABSexScene_zps0d8c800e.gif
Water for Elephants

Day 47:  Pic with Uma Thurman

 photo 6UABPicWithUma_zpsdd5d29d2.jpg  photo georgesmadeline_zps3f385ab4.jpg  photo RobwUma_zps6d15601c.jpg  photo Robandthatwoman_zpse485be19.jpg

Day 48:  Fave wallpaper of the moment

   photo Cosmopolis-Wallpaper-robert-pattinson-23073604-1920-1200_zpsb520531b.jpg  photo deskrob-2012-10-01_zps01261654.jpg  photo currentwallpaper_zps40aaa338.png  photo 7UABFaveWallpaper_zps3403714c.png

Some days this 'job' is so hard...I had to stare at all that pretty to put this together...*sigh*

Until next week...or until I get inspired for another post of some sort...have a great week!!! 

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