Sunday, February 10, 2013

365 Days - Week 6

Thanks again to Robsessed for the idea and the subjects...forgot to link last week but it's here this week!

...Enjoy the pretty...

Day 35:  Pic of Rob adjusting his waistline
*I suppose this one could work for Sunday as well....*

 photo 1UABRobAdjustingHisPants_zps9ac3b9b0.jpg

Day 36:  BTS/Filming Pic/Gif from Bel Ami
*He's so adorable!

 photo 2UABFilmingBelAmi_zps75b109f0.jpg

Day 37:  Pic with Christina Ricci
*Rob looks so confused in this one...

 photo robert-pattinson-looks-elegant-christina-ricci-glam-at-bel-ami-berlinale-premiere_zpsd0280450.jpg
 photo 3UABPicWithChristinaRicci_zpsade32688.jpg

Day 38:  Rob pic/gif that reflects your mood
*UAB picked this one (along with most of the rest of this week's photos) and I think it sums it up for most of us - judging by the busy week we've all been having...

 photo 4UABGIFthatReflectsMyMood_zpsc8ae6296.gif

Day 39:  Fave RobPorn of the Day
*I think this one says it all...*

 photo 5UABMoreRobp0rn_zps31372704.gif

I was standing probably 25 feet from him when this next picture was taken...just sayin ;-)

 photo 5UABrobp0rn_zps5fb31e7b.jpg

Day 40:  Bel Ami Still

 photo 6UABBelAmiStill_zps45976958.jpg

Day 41:  Rob Pic with his mouth open
*This face kills me....

 photo 7UABRobPicWithMouthOpen_zpsc927c809.jpg

Whelp - that's it for this week...we were all a little busy and crazy so the selection was a bit smaller than usual...but we did it!  41 of our 365 days of celebrating our man down...many more beautiful days to go!  Have a wonderful week everyone!

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