Thursday, March 7, 2013

365 - Week 9

Alright, alright, it is....week 9...during the mid-late part of week 10...this weekend just slipped away and then it was back to work...I hope to be more on top (twss) of things next week :) 

But enjoy the yummy!! 

Day 56:  Rob pic begging for a straddle

 photo UABTotallyBeggingToBeStraddled_zpsf81b4c50.jpg  photo StraddleRob_zps54e9bb04.jpg   photo robert-pattinson-instyle-outtakes_zpsa528ed97.jpg  photo IntenseStareRob_zps683671b3.jpg

Day 57:  Pic of Rob in Tokyo

 photo UABTokyo_zps0c199f19.jpg  photo tokyoscruff_zps2ff227a7.jpg  photo TokyoRob_zpsfe36441a.jpg  photo robcedricjapan_zps00a80114.jpg

*like minded creatures of habit aren't we?*

Day 58:  Pic/Gif of Rob at the BAFTAs

 photo Bafta1_zps527d8a2f.gif
 photo UABbafta_zps5067896d.jpg  photo BAFTAs16_zpsce96fdf4.jpg  photo baftababy_zps223ef07b.jpg

Day 59:  Pic/Gif that reflects your mood

 photo UABgifReflectsMoodSmoking_zpsbc5f06eb.gif  photo tumblr_m96c5gKJyt1qmhggvo1_500_zps0735da03.gif  photo tumblr_m8l3b5zZY51rtsl8yo7_250_zps5d4188ca.gif  photo halfhair_zpsccf71eed.jpg

*so some of us are feeling the need to resort to smoking this week...although they aren't really doing it...and others of us are feeling the loss after a semi-major haircut...all around I think we're kind of just needing a break...

Day 60:  Pic of Rob and a piano

 photo UABPianoRob_zpsa9a37306.png  photo rob-piano-1_zps4764277d.jpg  photo petitmortPL25_zpsc0a2c760.jpg  photo PianoRob_zps8030ba23.jpg

Day 61:  Black Book photoshoot pic
*one of my favorite shoots ever*

 photo UABBlackBook_zps49cc0a54.jpg
 photo RobertPattinsonBlackBook20122_zps90027039.jpg  photo BBrob_zps73256362.jpg  photo BlackBookRob_zpsd49d6a9d.jpg

*seriously ladies here at 12months of Rob...I'm pretty sure they didn't even talk before all sending me the same picture 3 times...and I felt that merited it being posted 3 times since we liked it that much...

Day 62:  Candid pic from 2008

 photo AppleStoreSohoWelcomesRobertPattinson2tmsKIGJeael_zps9380d11f.jpg  photo UAB2008Candid_zps1cb901f8.jpg  photo robert-pattinson-2008-mtv-vmas-02_zps2c5009ca.jpg   photo CandidRob_zpsa84cadfb.jpg 2 days from now...yep...

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  1. I swear, I did not know the others sent that black book pic its the damn tight jeans of his...I bet he couldn't get his finger in them let alone his forearm...
    May I help with those, sir????


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