Saturday, March 16, 2013

365 - Week 10

So I'm REALLY late this week...I guess you'll just be getting these when you get them now...but I'll make sure every single one of the 365 days of Rob gets done before the end of the year ;-) 

Day 63: Pic of Rob wearing untidy shoes

 photo RobertPattinsonWFE-1_zps88a5c474.jpg
 photo UntidyShoes_zpsc621dc6e.jpg

Day 64:  Fave Rob movie poster

 photo MoviePoster_zpse8e4ee22.jpg
We just thought that he looks the Remember Me poster...
 photo twilight-edward-bad-guy-movie-poster-PYRpas0078_zpse3b19701.jpg

Day 65:  Best Leno interview 

 photo rob-on-jay-leno-21_zps424262d8.jpg
 photo 98510169---rob3_zps80c049eb.jpg
 photo 23037_1_zpsf7115f9b.jpg

17foreverLisa and I both looked for the video of this interview and couldn't find it - but Rob reading emails from his Dad is frickin' adorable...

Day 66:  Rob pic/gif that reflects your mood

 photo tumblr_m9dh85QHLa1rnry8wo5_250_zps25428b1e.gif
 photo tumblr_lmj3fnNmyk1ql9g9jo1_400_zpsb2229a9f.gif

Day 67:  Pic of Rob's bottom lip

 photo BottomLip2_zpsce7b8478.png
Can I have this job??
 photo 52_zps0c8c95cf.jpg
 photo rmsexscene2_zps9d38d7fb.jpg
 photo 5UABrobp0rn_zps0a0cedfc.jpg
This holds a special place in my heart as I was standing maybe 50 feet away...
 photo RC-Rob20-Megan_zpsdf6d33ab.jpg

and this one was taken by our very own Meg at the WFE Premiere :)

Day 68:  Pic of Rob's lashes

 photo IMG_29412_zps4f3193d7.jpeg
Another one of our own...BellaTesoro took this one at WFE...such a gem of a shot...and those lashes...holy hell...

 photo lashes2_zpsbc05a272.jpg
 photo Lashes_zps4444dda4.jpg

Day 69:  Pic of Rob with a watch 

 photo Z0C6sLN_zps520dc2f4.jpg
I love the Cosmo watch...what can I say...
 photo 365Robwatch_zps3f6bc15d.jpg
 photo watch_zps09687a6a.jpg
I got this one in 2 different submissions so it had to go on there twice...enjoy the double trouble! 

Thanks again to Robsessed for organizing all of this!! 

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