Sunday, March 17, 2013

365 - Week 11

Slightly more on time with this one :) 

This is what happens when I sit down and bang out 2 posts at the same time....enjoy the pretty!! 

Day 70 - Fave cheekboneporn

 photo 365Robcheekbones_zpsb65fdbad.jpg
 photo 0mg_zps8feef12f.jpeg

Day 71 - Fave robporn of the day 

 photo 365Robpornoftheday_zps49fccf88.jpg
17foreverLisa seemed to be feeling the Jawporn...
 photo tumblr_m4isos3vvt1qe9lgxo1_500_zpsb50e2b29.jpg

...while I was feeling the fingerporn

Day 72 - Pic of Rob with a full beard

 photo 365RobBeard_zps80023603.jpg
simply gorgeous
 photo Robert-Pattinson-Beard_zps188588c4.jpg

Day 73 - Pic/Gif that reflects your mood

 photo Robert-Pattinson-and-Clarks-Desert-Boots-vanity-fair_zps4d845cd6.jpg
I am so frickin' tired lately....I just want a nap...

 photo tumblr_mhta16wi8H1s58q3qo1_500_zpsfe13fd65.gif

Day 74 - 2009 Pic of Rob from presscon or portrait session 

 photo 29305383-29305386-large_zps0eebff47.jpg
2009 ComicCon
 photo 3652009GQPhotoshoot_zpsa4e81618.jpg

2009 GQ

Day 75 - Rarely shared pic of Rob
 photo 365rarelysharedpicture_zpsad2086e0.png
Hey!  I was in the audience for this.  Seriously.  Nice pic, Lisa!!

 photo 0_Didyoujustrollyoureyesatme_zpse3e89c7a.png

Day 76 - Ric of Rob with a beer

 photo 6a00e5536b2ba98833017ee40e0194970d-500wi_zpsd382d76f.jpg 
a beer...and a drill...

 photo Robbeerbottle_zps34c75697.jpg
People's Choice Awards 2013

 photo 009cfq9f_zpsd2594881.jpg

 photo robert-pattinson-0912-04_zps395c2deb.jpg 
 photo RobertPattinsonlounge_zps302b0900.jpg
I absolutely love this last one.   Candid.  But strikes me as very... him.

Thanks again to Robsessed for their organization and forethought :) 

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