Saturday, March 23, 2013

365 Days - Week 12

Another on time post?!  Bestill my heart....

But we've got some pics that will get the heart pumping without further ado, I present, Week 12:

Day 77:  First pic of Rob you saw this week

 photo 1UABFirstPicOfRobISaw_zps634adbcd.jpg

 photo RobRover_zps15b87c77.jpg
mmm...Rover Rob...back in the USA

 photo 36512FirstpicofRob_zpse9c96487.png

Day 78:  Favorite Rob character

 photo 2UABFaveRobCharacterEdward_zps0cfc0e00.jpg
Of course...the original...a popular choice among the 12months girls...according to UAB:
"Edward...always Edward"

 photo 3169671958_a9942dcabe_zps6fe9fb51.jpg
Naughty also chose Edward...but says that Art would be a close second...

 photo 36512FaveRobCharacter_zpsb927c877.jpg
Lisa went with the original too :)

 photo robertpattinsonrememberme-18_zpsedac9eaa.jpg
for me, however, it was a tie...between Tyler...

 photo 11_film_water_for_elephants_pattinson_doorway_zps587a3838.jpg

and Jacob...

Day 79:  Fave tie Rob has worn

 photo 3UABTie_zpsb1e1519d.jpg
UAB particularly loves the unbuttoned button under the tie in this look...

 photo rob-pattinson-8-15_zps528abb7c.jpg
CosmoNY Premiere - holds a special place in my heart...this tie (and the man in the suit) were mere INCHES from my face...

 photo RobertPattinsonWaterElephantsNewYorkpDveMYJV04Rl_zps46a6153d.jpg
WFENY...also holds a special place for me as it was the first time I've seen this beautiful man in person...

 photo cosmopolispremiererobertpattinson50_zpsde420379.jpg 
Naughty also went with CosmoNY Rob...although she'd like me to point out that she doesn't like ties and would prefer to see chest hair instead... :)

 photo 36512Favetie_zps14ac9ee8.jpg

Day 80:  Pic/Gif that reflects your mood

 photo 4UABMoodSpringBREAK_zps80951c59.gif
Welp...UAB is on break...and she's feelin' good about it...

 photo cosmopolisstrut_zps86b9124d.gif

I'm not sure what the swagger with a gun says about Naughy's feelings this week...

Lisa did send me a gif too but the link was broken and I didn't know until I'm sorry but I can't include it right now for you all...if I get it from her again, I'll update :)

Day 81:  Rob edit of the day

 photo 5UABFaveEdit_zps03cac53b.jpg
UAB's choice...and I quote:  "Damn blue shirt!  Girly bits aflutter!"

 photo inrobwelusteditnyserob_zps460a4058.jpg

  photo 36512Favepicedit_zps85598805.jpg

Day 82:  Rob in a hoodie

 photo 6UABRobHoodie_zpse3b3f0c0.jpg

 photo setofbelami2_zps728d50e1.jpg
 photo 36512Robhoodie_zps44f353d5.jpg


Day 83:  Rob in his Harry Potter days

 photo goblet_fire_ny_premiere_115_zps6db2dfef.jpg

 photo 36512RobHarryPotterdays_zpsa9636c21.jpg
Naughty says this does it for her...

 photo 8UABrobert-pattinson-Harry-Potter-days-twilight-series-7441800-200-555_zps18244e3c.jpg
shorts! knees! wand! really, there's a wand attached to his leg...pervy h00rs...

 photo 7UABCedric_Diggory13_zpsa2271d55.jpg
...such a Rob expression...

 photo 23653808-23653810-large_zps2c50ff63.jpg for Naughty I chose a look with a little chest hair...just for her...

Thanks again to Robsessed for the idea and categories! 

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  1. First off, Thanks for doing these, Q!

    The swagger (not so much the gun - lmao) was for the fact that I aced my damn test and I was full of myself. LOL State Law states that the gun may cause aggression in other drivers so...I'll just drop it right over there in that pile of garbage. You gals didn't see nuthin'.

    There's something sexy about a man in a suit with his shirt unbuttoned, no tie. I happen to not mind chest hair - some do. Rob during his cedric days is about as young as I'll go with our man...I don't feel soooo dirty looking at him. He was hoTT there...*swoon* Thanks for including a pic of him in the red velvet. lol I know it was just because of the open white shirt. He gets shit for this outfit, but I think he looked very 80's there. I'm an 80's girl so... mean Thanks again!!!


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