Sunday, January 20, 2013


Happy Birthday TwiWeasel!!!!

For your first birthday as an official 12 Months of Rob h00r we had to do it up right!
You are the yin to our yang, the peanut butter to our jelly, the peas to our carrots, the apples to our bananas... wait that sounds dirty and wrong on so many levels, which is why it's perfect to describe how well you fit within this group. We love you! 
Happy Birthday! 

Dani, I'm so glad that you are part of this crazy group!  
I hope you are enjoying your first "12 Months-style" birthday!
Love, UABMarie


Growing up is SO overrated. *smirk*

Happy birthday, Dani!

Love, Lisa


Edward knows what Jasper wants to give you, and he's so jealous! It's big and hard and some say sparkles in the sunlight. Maybe you're a generous birthday girl and will share with Edward.

We all hope you have a wonderful birthday shared with family, friends, and some boy lovin'

Happy Birthday


For your birthday month, may you enjoy some time with your family, your friends,
watching old favorite movies, and reading all your various fic pairings like
Bella and Edward :-),  Jasper and Edward (*sigh*) , Jacob and Emmett ( o.O ) 
the Fonz and Richie (really?), Greg Brady and Mike Seaver (Are you kiTTing me?)
Wayne and Garth (*cries* No, no, no!), Drarry, Merthur, Larry, Klane,
and all the other ones you haven't copped to.
It's all good....uhh, right, Billy?
Happy Birthday...And speaking of growing old...
kiTT :)



(artwork  by lostimmortal2)

“Yeah, Baby?”
“Do you know what today is?”
“Mmmm...uh huh...TwiWeasel’s Birthday...”


“You know she only wants want thing...”

“I know, E...I know...”

“Should we do it?”

“Darlin’...It’s THE present.”

(manip by white wolf legend)

“We’re waiting, TwiWeasel...”
“Care to watch, Darlin?”

Happy 1st Birthday Celebration as a 12 Month H00r!  We love having you with us!
Love, Naughty and two of the Boys of “Cover Me”...
(You know Alice and Bella would only allow this for your birthday...)



. On this, the day of your performance review as part of 12months, as per the list of responsibilities and expectations emailed to you on...

...oh shit...that's the wrong occasion isn't it? Damn it. It's your birthday...right...right...somewhere here I have the birthday notes I made instead...

...just give me one second...

 photo 4454485023_75fc5d3788_o_zps77205470.jpg
watch these two while they figure out what to get you...

...hmmm...serious discussion...
 photo EdwardJasper_zpsd7e44028.jpeg

...I'm sure they'll come up with something great.  

Here's to hoping your birthday before they do is also awesome!!!  
Love ya girl, welcome to the crazy!! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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