Saturday, January 19, 2013

365 Days of Rob - Week 3

So...I'm a little early...but it's all good.  You all don't mind a bit of early Rob, do you?

Without further adieu: 365 Days of Rob, Week 3 (Thanks again to Robsessed for the game to play along with)

Day 14:  First picture of Rob you saw this week:

 photo RobertPattinsonGGs22-1_zps933123ac.jpg
 photo robert-pattinson-moving-to-south-australia-january-2013-to-film-the-rover-character-rey-gang-in-outback-flinders-ranges-mayo_zps48a97e56.jpg  photo NEWHQRobertPattinsonGoldenGlobes20134_zpsf0362e5e.jpg

Day 15:  2008 Picture of Rob from PressCon or Photoshoot:

 photo 262405115760209325_szt8jtq5_c_zps31006805.jpg  photo robinstyle_zps8c8a035b.jpg  photo New-Robert-Pattinson-LA-Press-Conference-Pics-robert-pattinson-and-kristen-stewart-9405508-384-480_zps0dbb5624.jpg photo UAB2008PhotoShoot_zps9ab425d0.jpg

Day 16:  Rob Pic with a Fan

 photo robampfan_zpscad71c15.jpg  photo UABRobPicWithFans_zps7cff774c.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonat100Monkeys3_zps7a56c83c.jpg
 photo HolyGrail_zps447665c2.jpg
*By the way - totally jealous of this pic of our very own 17ForeverLisa at the BD1 Premiere in LA last year.

Day 17:  Rob Pic/Gif that reflects your mood:

 photo get-off-my-dick_zpsd5ce25f1.png

 photo art-in-pub-with-nikki-fierce-1_zpsa4427ac5.gif

 photo wfe-0980_zpsde883b9a.gif

 photo UABGiftThatReflectsMyMood_zps87ba311f.gif

Day 18:  Pic of Rob in a Grey suit:

 photo robert-pattinson-in-burberry-bdpart2-berlin-premiere_zpsbe6674bb.png  photo Premiere-Detagged_zpseb23b73e.jpg  photo lenomq009_zps24a34397.jpg  photo UABRobGreySuit_zpsa0e415b3.jpg  photo tumblr_lu3m79bxnt1qdt31oo1_500.jpg

Day 19:  Rob characters you would FMK:


 photo tumblr_lwkikyFHoZ1qf53upo1_500.jpg
SassyKassie and Laureate04: Eric Packer

 photo UABFMK-Fuck_zps9894b064.jpg
17ForeverLisa and UAB:  Tyler Hawkins

 photo 302346_250083868371490_100001096371150_693221_789469721_n_zps0ec662e0.jpg
Naughty: Edward Cullen (New Moon)


 photo UABFMK-Marry_zpsf6791a8b.jpg
17ForeverLisa and UAB and SassyKassie: Edward Cullen

 photo bhhowtobe1_zpsf17e448c.jpg
Naughty: Art


 photo robert-pattinson_26507_1_zpsc1e36e77.jpg
SassyKassie: Toby Jugg

 photo Cedric-cedric-diggory-2695247-1500-2062_zpsff12023e.jpg
17ForeverLisa: Cedric Diggory

 photo UABFMK-Kill_zps6cd8e434.jpg
UAB and Naughty:  Georges Duroy

Day 20: Pic of Rob's Back

 photo RobertPattinsonRememberMe34_zpsfffae9d8.jpg  photo UABBackPicRememberMe_zps05728804.jpg  photo tumblr_lskn5eDGk51qe9lgxo1_1280_zpsb714e1be.jpg was a good week...ladies I'm sorry if I missed/sipped any of your submissions.  I am still working on the organizing submissions piece of this to get it done 'easier.' 

See you next week!! 

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