Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, kiTT!!!

Trust us kiTT, you birth is definitely something to celebrate!  (See what I did there???)  And as such, we hope you have a wonderful day, on this, the day that our very own 17ForeverLisa has declared as "kiTT's birthday"!  

Please enjoy the music as you scroll through some birthday wishes from your crazy friends at 12 Months of Rob :) 

First of all...

Happy Birthday...
I know how much you like Wayne's World, so I ordered this for you. 
You should expect to receive it in 10 to 14 business days. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!






kiTT - you know how I love to send you these little I figured I'd gather a recent collection...he certainly was good to you over this promo...

~Love ya, Laureate04


kiTT, on this, the day we celebrate your birth, please know that we love you and thank you for so many things...thanks for being our "Professor Twilight" because sometimes we just can't keep track of what happens when in the books, and for being our all knowing movie quote master, I bow down to your greatness.  Thanks for listening to us bitch and moan and always checking in to see how we are when ewe're not being "ourselves."  You're a great friend and I'm so happy that we've spent the last 2 years "together" on this blog and en our emails.  We love you...and because its your birthday you can't escape this time:  ((hugs!))

Love, your girls at 12Months of Rob:  UAB, Naughty, SassyKassie, Q, Fran, 17ForeverLisa, Dani, Meg, and Jen :) 

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  1. Wait.....what's today?

    *checks 12months hardcopy calendar*

    no. nope. nah. i don't see where today is my birthday, but let's say it was, *shakes finger side to side* there's wáaaaaaaaay too much lovey dovery going on in this post!

    Thank you all very much. These made me laugh and your wishes made me sappy. #sap

    Dani--- now see THIS is why I dont give out my addres. lol

    Lisa--*snickers* When Bella mentioned to Edward giving her the lift he mistakenly thought she meant on his back.

    Kassie, Fran, & Lauren--I happen to love when Rob's tongue falls out of his mouth...for me!!! lol It's his special signal that he'd rather be with me at that very moment. #daTrueStory

    b*tchin and moaning...yeah I listen to a lot of it and then subject you guys to mini stories, cryptic answers, movie quotes, Friends references, and BH 90210 life lessons to round it all out. WORKS FOR ME!!!! lmao

    I'mma show you all a picture of my birthday twiloot soon.

    muchos gracias again...and well I wish I could use or reuse a twiquote here perfectly, but its not coming to me.

    So I'll have to say ...




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