Friday, November 11, 2011

Press tours are fun, but... shows are fun-er!! November 10 (with a little 11/8 in there too) was a very, very good day...

First off...David Letterman (11/8/2011)

Then, Kimmel (2 parts):

The Today Show....ahhh, the Plaza...I'll always have a soft spot for the Today Show even if this interview was kind of awkward...

Regis and Kelly:  (HD here)

And, last but not least, Jimmy Fallon:

And the game they played:


  1. I enjoyed Kimmel the best...then Fallon.
    Letterman and Reeg are so outta the loop...talking about bats and fangs. It's like you have the biggest movie star in the world on ur show, do a little research. Rob takes it all in stride and with a grin on his face.

  2. Aaand could he have looked any hotter in ALL of these??

    Me thinks not.

    Can't wait to hear about his next project.

    Did you see that Kristen is looking forward to an album by him one day too?! *claps* It's sooo gonna happen.


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