Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gravitating Hand

I love how Kstew's hand reaches out for Rob (more specifically his thigh) in this vid....around, it's a fun part of the interview to watch.


  1. why am i up at 3am watching mtv videos? i blame the holidays. :)

    my thanksgiving could use more Rob. js.

  2. ladies, check out the feet...and the way he looks sitting in that director's chair. ;)

  3. And the way he looks at her, through his eyelashes...gah. Just once would I like to experience would only happen once, because i would spontaneous combust afterward!!!

    LOVE HIS FEET. You know why. ;)

  4. Every holiday could use more Rob. We need a Robiday. One day devoted to him. May 13, perhaps?


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