Thursday, November 3, 2011

Could Today be Any More EPIC?

Not only are we getting a new Breaking Dawn clip during an MTV interview tonight, but we also got to see Rob, Kristen and Taylor getting their hand and foot prints in cement.

I'm guessing they did individual hand (and foot?) prints inside the theater.
*pictures from Robsessed*

And now comes the most epic news of all!

BEL AMI has a North American Distributor!!! You can read all about it here. Can I get a hell yeah?

PS: There is a new BD video too, gah so much stuff in one day! *video from TwiCrack Addict*


  1. Hell yes!!! ...Bel Ami...I can't stop smiling about this news!!!! And - if it's the same week as the Portugal release I'm on vacation that week from school...just sayin'...and in that tweet I emailed last night he did say February to one of the fans who asked - here's hoping!!

    Also - in the video - are they actually letting Rob drive a boat??...I'm not sure that's a good idea after his stories of not being able to drive!! Anyway - onto the rest of that...holy freaking shit!!! So much there :) I had heard this existed somewhere but hadn't seen it yet...

    He's making a speech at the wedding (which I'm sure is going to make me cry!) I've said it before - the more I see the more excited I am - I think Bill got it right for us!!!! Gah!

    And the hand/foot print ceremony! Although, Kassie, you did miss one crutial picture...I'm going to post it in a second...along with a video of the ceremony :) The ones inside (from the drabble that I was listening to from the stupid hosts) were practice pieces because apparently you have to sign in concrete a certain way to get it to come out right - that's why there are ones inside too.

  2. Like I said... EPIC!

    I'm not going to repost who else was there...if you know me and want to me.

    I think you are right Kassie.

  3. huh, naughty?

    wow, that video had so much stuff i almost wish i didn't watch it.

    loved alice and jasper cutting a rug.
    mike newton is thin!!

  4. I can't get enough of all this. I know it may on some level "ruin" the surprise of the whole movie experience, but I just can't NOT look at these clips and pictures.
    Interesting to watch the dancing scenes, Rosalie and Emmett whipping around and Alice/Jasper doing the Charleston...they are so giving Alice that look. I'd rather have her in pixie mode, but she was of the flapper era so I guess it fits.
    The Rob scenes are PERFECT and there's no ruining those.
    Thanks Kassie all the pictures from today were great too! I liked seeing Rob on his knees, white shirt and all.


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