Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm feeling philosophical...

So I watched the BTS Water for Elephants stuff last night...listening to the cast and crew talk about what  a special experience making that movie was for them was making me teary...probably because I feel like the WFE experience was special for me as well.  It's all great and really well done and I was in a very happy place.

Then I watched the Rob spotlight on the disc and was even happier.  The way that Francis spoke about Rob and casting him for the role of Jacob and what he brought was very endearing - and I get the feeling from all these interviews that many of the directors that Rob is working with lately see the same things that we are so enraptured with as well.  I get tired from time to time of defending liking "that Twilight guy" to people who I tell stories of WFENY or my excitement over his movies that are works in progress.  I was also participating in the boards on imdb recently and got frustrated with all the crap that some people were spewing over his casting in both WFE and Cosmopolis among other things.

I mentioned wanting to post this a while ago, but didn't get around to it, but after having watched the spotlight I'm feeling here goes...I might be completely crazy, but you are the ones who will likely understand my rambling...and I warn you it is a bit rambly...but I like it and I'm proud of what I have to say, so there :-P  My response to all the Rob-haters out there:

I have a theory that I was talking to a couple of friends about the other day and my 3 favorite current (and for the first two, long standing) actors are Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more recently, Rob Pattinson. 

I think all are fantastic actors. All 3 of them began their popularity and carrers in the "teen heartthrob" category - Depp in 21 Jump Street, DiCaprio in Titanic and Romeo and Juliet, and Pattinson in Twilight (and to some extent, Harry Potter as well...). 

Johnny Depp then moved on to doing movies he felt were important/good/interesting such as Blow, Benny and Joon, Ed Wood (he plays a freaking cross-dressing director in a black and white movie, come on!), etc. DiCaprio did the same with movies like Blood Diamond, Gangs of New York, and the Aviator. Not all were HUGE box office smash hits, but I have really enjoyed almost every movie I've seen either of these 2 actors in. They are both now considered "serious" actors and I think are fantastic. Although Depp has never won an Oscar (which still amazes me after seeing some of his performances) and neither has DiCaprio (although both have been nominated 3 times - weird...), I believe that they are both Oscar caliber actors. DiCaprio seems to be just a few years behind Depp on the same path (and they were even in one of my favorite movies together (What's Eating Gilbert Grape) which showcased both of them as fantastic actors. 

Rob seems to be on the beginning steps of what I'd like to think of as the same path as well. He is still, at least partially, in the midst of the "teen heartthrob" stage with Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 yet to be released. That seems to have gotten him noticed by larger budget, big production movies. I think that he's beginning to use that attention to have the ability to choose movies that he is interested in or finds important/interesting, versus making more "tween" films. Remember Me was a fantastic film (you can go back to one of first posts on the blog to see what I have to say about that movie), even if it didn't do huge things at the box office. Little Ashes was also a great test of his acting mettle and he passed with flying colors - Dali is a tough one to play and you absolutely believe that he is Dali in Little Ashes. Newer films like Water for Elephants (with the Old Hollywood feel) and soon coming Cosmopolis (with the edgy, modern feel - at least after having read the book) will be VERY different from the Twilight series and should prove to many non-believers about Pattinson's acting chops. 

One other parallel that I've found with these 3 fantastic actors is their disinterest in the spotlight. Johnny Depp is not one to be found gracing the fronts of supermarket tabloids from week to week and is often embarrassed when listed on lists like People's Sexiest Man Alive, etc. He is in a committed relationship, which he doesn't flaunt for the cameras, and has maintained relative privacy for his family. DiCaprio also is not tabloid fodder (he's been seen lately in a few People/US Weekly type hype sections but even that died quickly). He has dated several models/actresses over the years but the attention has not been the same as many other actors relationships. He doesn't seem to strive for attention to his relationships like so many.  He been able to maintain dignity throughout the relationships he has had. Rob, although linked in semi-confirmed accounts, with Kristen Stewart has been able to maintain a low-key relationship, even with the high profile of both Stewart and himself (especially in light of the Twilight phenomenon). They have never wanted to be overtly public about their relationship, wanting to maintain some privacy for themselves. As things seem to ease for them and they are more comfortable with the relationship that they've never fully officially confirmed being public knowledge, they still maintain their privacy and don't flaunt their "together-ness."  None of the 3 seem to fit into that 'Hollywood Heartthrob' mold in the having to look perfect all the time and be very public figures. Johnny and Rob are fairly famous for messy hair and their distinctive look, both seem to favor function over form, which in itself is pretty darn sexy, if you ask me. 

I have a feeling that's why I like all 3 of them so much, many of the features in one that I find attractive and interesting they all have and I think that if Rob keeps his head on his shoulders (which he seems to be doing quite well at this point - if I do say so myself) he is headed down a very prosperous and respectable path, following in the footsteps of DiCaprio and Depp - 2 of the most sought after actors in Hollywood today.  

Ok, end rant. That is all for now - go watch the WFE Rob's spectacular...and apparently makes me all sort of rambly and wordy...what did we say about giving ourselves word limits on this thing?  I think I just thew that out the window...


  1. I couldn't agree more! I don't understand where the hate comes from. These people that dislike Rob will praise people that are nothing but tabloid fodder, people that sell their stories to the highest bidder. If Rob keeps doing what he's doing he will gain more fans... but some haters are always going to hate no matter what he does. I don't want to get too angry about it because Rob doesn't, it just sucks that people can't see what a great actor he is just because he played Edward. I woudl like to say to these people "Don't hold a grudge over one character that an actor has played against them for their whole career. It truly accomplishes nothing but proving you're an ass." And of course every actor they love has done nothing but top notch work and never had a start playing a role not everyone loved... clearly. That's my 2 cents and I can't wait to see the BTS features.

  2. Very insightful.
    The similarities you pointed to are striking. I've always
    put Rob in with these two gems. I'd like to add Brad Pitt and George Clooney in there too.
    They too have tried to steer away from the Hollywood
    type cast. But, of them all, there is just something special about our Rob...must be that twinkle in his eye.
    Right Kassie?
    As you said Lauren, Rob is handling himself brilliantly. He's got the right attitude, he doesn't take himself too seriously. I think he's growing into his shoes, they seem to be fitting him very well.
    I wouldn't listen to those who would say differently. Even idiots get to give their opinions. We know better.

  3. Feel completely the same about Leo. How has that boy not won an oscar? It's beyond me. He made me feel anxious just watching him in The Departed...
    You gonna let em chop me up and feed me to the poor?

    Tom Cruise hasn't either (I don't think), and despite his kinda odd lifestyle that man has moved me in many a movie. <- alliteration!

    Anywho, I think Rob is a really hard worker with good head on his shoulders, add that to some God given gifts and voila! you have the IT factor.

    And he is IT, ladies. He is IT.

  4. I know what you mean, Meg...Inception was phenominal...and I will forever love What's Eating Gilbert Grape. I'm not sure how he's not won yet, him or Johnny Depp, but we all know how those awards things long as we know that we love them, right?

    The spotlight thing on the DVD is so good and really gives an idea of what I think the directors that he's working with think about him which is amazing. I had posted this on the IMDB boards at one point too because people were saying that the "sparkly vampire" was Cronenberg selling out and that he was going to ruin Cosmopolis - which I'm sure comes from someone who has only ever seen Twilight. If you see any of Rob's personality anywhere (interviews, etc.) you know just how much he's acting the part of Edward and that's not how he really is - it's how the character is written.

  5. Very well said Lauren.

    I have always enjoyed Johnny Depp's films, even the outrageous Ed Wood. I first watched it with my brother, he was a big Ed Wood fan! He can be funny, rough, serious and heartwarming. Gilbert Grape! Can't say enough about that one either.

    I'm not a huge DiCaprio fan, but his work speaks for itself. I think the first movie I really really liked him in was Catch Me If You Can.

    I hope that Rob continues to make films that interest him and someday they will give him the credit he deserves.


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