Saturday, November 19, 2011

A little first round Breaking Dawn review...

Email chat this morning landed some interesting discussions, loves, wishes, etc.

I must make it known as I'm writing this up right now i'm listening to Turning Page on loop and tearing up...I freaking love this song...

...ok, here goes, summary of email conversation forewarned...there are lots-o-spoilers here if you somehow haven't watched it yet:

Things that we LOVED:
- First off, as mentioned in my last post...Bill did soooo good by the fans! He got so much right and it's wonderful to see the ways that everything was interpreted. Fast paced, interesting, and nowhere near the insane cheesy nature that could have come out!
- The whole Edward losing Bella scene when he thinks that the venom isn't working and she isn't waking up - his face, the tears in his eyes even though they can't cry, the emotion he he keeps saying "please, please" over and over...we all fell in love with Edward Cullen all over again at this...the whole scene was so well done
- Edward's/Angryward's "you've given me no choice" speech to Bella. I just loved the hurt expressed he's going to lose her and they're supposed to be partners and make decisions together. We did have a bit of a discussion on him leaving/walking out and whether we liked that or not...I think we're still undecided...some did, some didn't :)
- The wedding scene was absolutely beautiful and the kiss killed Meg (and Lauren)
- I personally loved the use of Turning Page as the processional and then again later...I flove this seldom we get to see things from E's POV
- I really enjoyed (and forgot to mention this earlier) the 'Midnight Sun' type flashback of E living as a 'normal' vampire - very cool how they did that!
- Robward in a white shirt at the end (which we'll see more of in P2 I assume) for our Tesoro
- Imprinting was done fantastically...for the one part of the movie that I think could have totally overdone the cheese factor it was amazing - Taylor really played it well (the knee drop, gah!) and the flash-forwards were perfect!
- Bella's transformation flashback - great scenes to highlight and a great place to have all the memories as she's "dying"
- Edward's giggle/laugh and the lingere scene in general
- The wedding toasts were so cute and funny - loved Emmett and Charlie (for me anyway)
- When Bella's on top ;-)
- The back of the wedding dress was beautiful with the lace
- Jacob's scene when he walks outside and sits and sobs was heartbreaking - well done scene for sure
- Mike Newton's jump dancing was cute and hilarious at the same time
- The return to Flightless Bird, American Mouth during the vows was a lovely nod to original Twilight - especially with the circling camera a la the gazebo
- Edward in PJ pants and a grey wife beater...*dead
- Vamp speed was well done in this one
- Edward's face when he realizes that Jake has imprinted and it's on Renesmee - first, total relief that his family is safe because it's the werewolve's most "absolute law" to not harm whoever another has imprinted on, and then the realization that the person he's imprinted on is Renesme and the "oh hell no" look he gets at Jake being with his daughter...and becoming his son-in-law ;-)
- Rob speaking Portugese *dies*
- True to book: Bella "get him out now!"
- Bella's difficulty with her wedding heels
- Everything Bella and Charlie - especially before the wedding and when E/B leave for the honeymoon
- Edward telling Bella that she's beautiful
- The Cullens noticing Bella's heart stopping - especially Edward when he realizes that she's coming back to him
- Edward biting Bella to get more venom into her
-Edward's makeup

Things to look for when you go for viewing #2, 3, 4....
- Rosalie and Emmett makin' out as E and B are leaving for the honeymoon
- What is it that Aro is talking about in the scene during the credits? Does he want Edward and Alice or does he want Bella? Does he know about Renesmee? What's he talking about when he's being the grammar police?
- Bella has changed to sneakers to dance - when she's dancing with Jake - check 'em out
- Bella's pre-wedding dream and "alternate" cake

Things that were 'missing' or that we would have loved to see:
- Rosalie/Jake "Fido Bowl" scene
- "Why am I covered in feathers?" "I may have bitten a pillow or two."
- Bella telling Edward "we belong together" in the water
- Edward's "I prefer brunettes" line and Bella's insecurity over Tanya
- Bachelor party sex talk with the boys
- Rob throwing Taylor against the wall from the BTS coverage (maybe in BD2?)
- First dance at the wedding between E and B and a Father/Daughter wedding dance
- Charlie, Renee, and Phil standing together when E/B leave for the honeymoon
- More Seth and Leah

DVD Extras Wish List:
- Wedding flash mob
- Extended honeymoon sequences
- LOTS of outtakes - I feel like there could be some really good stuff as far as outtakes go :-D
- Of course I want Rob commentary again too - I love listening to him talk about making this one, thrusting, covering a baby in cream cheese and strawberry jam, etc...

Things we could have lived without:
- CGI baby
- Charlies insult of Renee
- Jake and Bella dancing at the wedding, as we would have preferred to see that as the first dance for Edward and Bella to tie to Twilight, etc.
- Renee's singing and subsequent crazy hair
- Jessica's speech? Too much?

This all comes from Tesoro, Lauren, Meg, Lisa, kiTT, and Rena this morning...what do you guys think??
*Updated with Naughty's comments as well now


  1. thanks for putting this together, Lauren. ur the best!

    "chants Portugese like I'm saying Hercules, Hercules* Can't forget Robward speaking in another tongue. ;)

    and bella saying, "Get him out!"

    that's all i can think of for now.

    love you all and wish i could see it sitting next to you.

  2. No problem :-D Was super easy!

    I updated with those bits, Meg :) I knew I forgot a couple of things in the copy and paste frenzy...

  3. Here's my take (emailed this to everyone earlier)on the credits scene:
    Carlisle (yes with an s)sent news to Aro that Bella has been changed. Thus, stopping them from checking on the Cullens. Aro is pissed, imo, because he gave them a second chance and didn't like it. He wanted to go and slaughter them all. Maybe turn Bella himself. With Bella, you will get Edward. La Tua Contante baby. He's 'killing the messenger'. You can be killed for as little as spelling a name wrong. Showing his continued dominance. This has nothing to do with Renesmee. Carlisle would not tell them. It's one of the vampire laws...Do not draw attention to yourself, do not make a vamp child. Also, they don't know what Renesmee can do. She is only hours, days whatever old. BD 2 will show us all the face touching communication.

  4. Great Job Lauren! OMG! That was a monumental task. I still haven't been able to wrap my head around all the wonderful details - I'm overwhelmed. Also I can't stop trolling YouTube searching for clips - I've found quite a few. Just to give me a little something until I can see it again.

    I think "I prefer brunettes" is from Eclipse so I think we missed the boat on that one :( I would still love to hear Edward say that (speaking as a brunette!) LOL

  5. OOOOH Yeah! Edward in the white shirt at the end!!! Yummy! I was poking around on my computer looking at the forbidden pics and in the one of E and B looking at the new and improved vamp Bella in the mirror when she first wakes up, Edward is wearing the white shirt!!!! GAH!

  6. Yes, they have listened to me, finally.
    White shirt, which means that's the same day he takes Bella hunting. So that means, he'll be taking it off and letting Bella wear it to cover her bloody mess before she goes to see the baby. This is the reason I wanted to see the white shirt. Because if they play it as in the book, we get to see Edward half naked. I can only hope.

    Great summary Lauren!

  7. wait, jake and bella didn't dance to flightless bird, did they? DID THEY? that's sacrilege.

  8. You're right Meg...but we get to see them dance and no first dance with E/B...I think I got the 2 combined when i made the list....

  9. I agree with everything said above.

    I want you to all watch Jasper's face when Carlisle goes to fetch the blood for Bella... priceless! Emmett too!

    Okay my theory on the letter to the Volturi... foreshadowing!!! He kills this girl for spelling Carlisle wrong and her poor grammar or whatever. HE KILLS HER FOR A STUPID REASON! When Irina comes and claims the Cullen's have bitten a child and made it an 'immortal child' she is WRONG and he has every right to take her life... that is a very serious accusation that she was wrong about. Aro is just showing his dominance when it comes to killing the messenger of Bella's change. Clearly the Cullen's know Renesmee isn't a threat (or if they don't, why not wait to tell about Bella's transformation until they know more info about the baby) if they are sending word about Bella's change already. I don't understand why they aren't up front about Renesmee to begin with. We know Aro wants Bella (and Edward and Alice) so he would want the baby too. However he wouldn't have just cause to go and attack had they been up front. Aro couldn't have gotten away with trying to take the baby when all the facts were out.

    I should clearly stop now bc it's not the movie's fault that SM let the plot line take a shitastatic turn in Breaking Dawn.


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