Tuesday, January 3, 2012

For Ms. Kassie and our Tesoro...

...my first truly commissioned manip work comes to us from our friend kiTT...she asked me to do a little project for Kassie, combining one of her favorite shows and one of our favorite fic stories...it's not perfect - but not too shabby for my first piece of work...enjoy ladies! 

original poster is this for anyone who hasn't see the show:


  1. You did a fine job Lauren!

    And OMG I just thought of a way to slash this up for Lisa. But first I'm gonna go bang my head against the wall that those thoughts even occurred. :/

  2. Lauren, cool!
    Thanks for including me in the commissioned piece.
    You're an artist for sure.

  3. you are welcome, BT!! I know how you love your mafiaward :-D Seemed fitting that it be for both of you!

  4. jaoiudgoajfihedfiuer gaaaaah!! Thanks Lauren :) and kiTT come here... you're getting a big ol (((HUG))) I flove you!!! Please no slashy slash mmkay.. I know what you're thinking and there is no way you are defiling my loves Matt and Jeffrey like that!!! LOL

    PS: You should see the self made Burn Notice/Rob Manips I've done... sad, so so sad. And the ones where I'm Fiona and Michael is Jeffrey or Rob just el terriblay!

  5. This Rob-smirk was just too good to pass up for this one...I had fun!!

  6. LOVE THIS!!!!! OMG! It's so good! I've never seen Burn Notice, but I have read EP twice, so I can appreciate it! LOL

  7. *stands by door furthest away from Kassie*

    So, if you just cut out BelStew and whiten the shirt he's wearing, we can have a 12-month version of RoBond, too! This is very versatile!

  8. That's my next play with it, kiTT - maybe tonight when I get home, maybe later this week. I'm going to make us a james bond poster :)

  9. suh-weet!
    Fran, you should send it to Khar too. You two seem to have a good author-reader relationship going. :)


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