Friday, January 13, 2012

New Bel Ami Footage!!!

It's dubbed over in Russian so you really can't hear what they are saying in English, 
but there's tons of new BelAmi footage here.....lots of HAWT ROB!!!!
So enjoy the eye candy ladies!


  1. him in that beige suit and top hat. wow.

    thanks for posting here.

    i love the parallels of rob to this character...not in the asshole sense, but in the way that he has so many women wrapped around his (long) finger. we will be the ones to ensure that he continues to sky rocket in terms of movie sales, etc. the robsessed, while annoying and needy at times, play a large part in his career.

    not that rob would ever intentionally do that....

  2. Says much that even when he plays an ass, we love him.
    I read some of the book and his character goes through
    so many phases and if anyone can pull off different emotions and faces, it's Rob.
    Can not wait.


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