Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happy Birthday 17ForeverLisa!!

We hope you woke up this morning exactly like this!

Now that you're up and here, it's time to celebrate! 
Let's dig right in to some cake! 
Okay...where's the cake?
*looks around* 
Which one of you girls had bake-the-cake duty?

There's the box sitting unopened on the counter.
 Looks like we didn't get around to making any cake..

You know what? 
Forget the cake, you can have that with your family later! 
You've got your girls here, 
and we're gonna party the right way with...

And pound some shots!

Then we can all act 17 and try to get Rob to notice us!!!

Woo Hoo! It worked!

On to the best part of all, your gifs....err...we mean gifts
* * * * * 
from Fran
"Knock it off Edward. You aren't that special! You're 'twinned' so get over your dazzling self! You aren't the only one who is 'Forever 17.'"

It's true Lisa. 
From the moment we met, like Edward did, 
you've dazzled and reminded me what it's like to be
forever 17.

I admire all that you do, the kindness that you show, and the strength and grace in which you do it all.
You not only have the tattoo to prove it, but you live the saying, 
"love is love."
Thank you for sharing that love with me. 
Happy Birthday, dear friend.

from UAB

Happy "Dior-liscious" birthday Lisa!!!!
You are an amazing, kind, and crazy-talented person and I
am lucky to call you my friend!  Hope your day is
full of love, family, and a little Rob!
Because every birthday could use a little more Rob!
Love you!!!!

Oh and....SURPRISE!!!!

One more thing Lisa....every time it's your birthday, I always have this song playing in my head and I want to post this video.  This year I'm going to go for it!   Enjoy!

(Music to scroll by)

from Kassie

Rob is sad because his train is late. 
He's got his party hat on and is ready to celebrate...


Happy Birthday, Lisa!

from kiTT
Whether you just enjoy a lazy afternoon soaking up the sun....

Escaping with some old favorites at the movies...

Or attending a fancy shindig with Fifty Shades...
(It's like he's ploTTing out everything he's going to do in the red room later!)

from Dani
Oh look! Henry's sliding over to make room for the birthday girl!

Darlin' you know how much you mean to me,
 do I really have to say it...out loud? 
You're my slashy inspiration, 
and I really don't know what I'd do without you in my life. 
You'll always be the Cherry bomb to me. #JoanJettFTW
I love you, dollface...more. 

I like this one because it shows tongue!

***brought to you by Butch and Vishous****

from hisBella
Dear Lisa, our 17...
Today is the day we celebrate your birth...
I'm so thankful to you for pulling me out of my shell with the first "TwiPeople" cover.  You were patient and kind, and even used what I said.  That made me feel valued. 

 What's that Henry?  Yeah, "Awww..."

You are a terrific friend, wonderful woman and a valued member of this little world of ours.  We are in awe of all that you do.   12 Months of Rob and the many sites you run and contribute to wouldn't be the same without you. You are loved. A true woman of worth.

Don't shake your head at me, Mr. Pattinson!  Yes, I'm gonna say it...
Love is Love!   

Happy Birthday, Lisa!  May your day be wonderful and filled with love, laughter and your family.  XOXOXO,  
Naughty HisBella

from Lauren
Iron Man wanted to be included in your birthday celebration...because well, he's Iron Man:

Then, I had to figure out just exactly what would make this into a party fit for you, 
Ms. 17ForeverLisa.

So first, I thought of this:

Which I just KNEW you'd enjoy...but it wasn't quite then, there was this:

And somehow that still wans't quite enough...and then Rob went and helped me out himself:

And even though it might confuse Black Widow

I know it's just right for you.  I hope you have a great birthday!!!!  Love you!
Oh, and RDJr. had one more little message for you:

* * * * * * * * *
Some birthday wisdom from all of us.
Don't think of it as another year older. Think of it as another year closer to seeing Fifty Shades of Grey come alive on the big screen. Just think, by this time next year, we will all have Fandango'd ourselves (bought our tickets) and taken off from work on August 1, 2014, maybe probably have traveled so we could see this movie together! We have a long ways to go, but we will all be sharing in the fun of movie news along the way!

In anticipation, here's a little movie magic montage!

And we'll be watching said porn! 

Finally, a little birthday puzzle!
What do these next 3 gifs have in common? 

Did you feel like certain topics just kept creeping into various conversations you had this week over and over again? 
In believable discussions...but almost incredulously?
Sounds like exactly your very own special brand of week-long birthday TorTure! 

Have a terrific birthday! 
12 Months of Rob


  1. You kidz!! This is awesome and was great to wake up to at 3 am this morning. Unfortunately, no tiara or Michael Jackson singing to me. LOL! Wanted to wait until I was on my computer to comment...

    kiTT (part un), thanks for organizing the birthday wishes. Gifs are the gifts that keep on giving :D That Practical Magic scene is one of my favorites! It goes without saying that all of the Rob goodness never, ever gets old. You can TorTure me like this any time.

    Fran, my partner in the age crime. Growing up is overrated has been a good motto to live by, much to the dismay of my parents ;) But an even better one is love is love. Not only are the twin words tattooed on my wrist, their tattooed in my heart...just like you.

    UAB, Dior-licious indeed! And you know what? Every day could use a little more UAB. How lucky am I/are we? Bonus points for the Music to Scroll By. Perfect!

    Kassie, look at you rapping the rhyme. Love it! B&W WFE Rob and Adam...yeah, Adam. Can't even imagine standing in front of that man while he winked and pointed at me. Thanks, girlie!

    kiTT (part deux), if only I had a sparkling vampire to laze away the hours with... Will definitely be spending time with an old favorite at the movies tonight. Can't wait! And now I want to post that Rob picture and caption to the FS account. *shivers*

    Dani, you had me at Darlin'. *melts* Then you went in for the kill with dollface. Why oh why does that always make me cry? There will never be another experience like those boys for me. There will never be another friend like you for me. Love you...more...but you're not getting my seat next to Henry. js ;)

    Who is responsible for the interlude?! Total WIN! Man I can't wait for the next BDB book!

    HB, Henry and Rob. *le sigh* It is all of YOU that make me feel like a woman of worth. And your wish that I have a day filled with love, laughter, and family? Already came true...right here. Mwah!

    Lauren, RDJ can bring the party to me anytime. js ;) I won the trifecta with your birthday wish...boys, baseball cap, and beanie. *high fives* And how much do I love you for looking up a slash picture? I'll bet you didn't know that is actually from Corbin Fisher, too. A+ for you. PS: I hope my birthday is as awesome as you are.

    kiTT (part trois), a movie magic montage? That. Rocks. Glad you could make an appearance in one of the gifs too ;) Thanks for putting things into perspective (as always). Last year was the year of 50. This year is the year of Fifty. Can I admit that I'm getting pretty damn nervous waiting for the casting announcement?

    Now about Stewart, NASA, and Paris... Still laughing!

    Thanks, kidz. I will be having spice cake at my mom's tonight, so no worries.


  2. Happy Birthday Lisa!!!

    I'm soooo soooo glad that we got to see each other last month and spend some time together - it was so worth the trip!

    I didn't realize it was Corbin Fisher, but I guess I just "knew" that was the right picture. Its supposed to be a gif, but it's not moving. But music playing Rob is...cause I know how you love him! :)

    Hope your birthday is amazing - and just remember you can have as many annual 17th birthdays as you want...we'll be here for all of them!

  3. Happy Birthday, Lisa!!

    I hope this is the beginning of a fantastic year for you. There's so much to look forward to! Perhaps *fingers crossed* I can get in on the get together for FSoG. I NEED to see you again. Once is not enough!! (And maybe it'll be Shark Week again and I can hold you...again. LMAO!!)

    Love you, Lisa. So mucking fuch!!


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