Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hey birthday girl...

here's some music to scroll by.

* * *
Happy birthday, kitt!

I also got you a little somethin' somethin' because I know how much you like tongue ;)

Love, Lisa

* * *

Darling kiTT,

There are so many memories I've made with you that I treasure, including, but not limited to...Cilantro, Harvard (waiting and no longer waiting), The Great Vagina vs Pussy Debate, silky purple panties, rain, mud, three-ways, is this too much italics?, song lyrics, M&M pancakes, Hello Kitty, Alice in Wonderland, name guessing, holiday parties, mom wars, vague references, and Twilight quotes (that I always seem to miss). You're an important part of my life, whether you like it or not. Now, stop struggling while I hug you. (((HUG)))

Love, Dani

* * *


I hope you do have a truly wonderful birthday. You are the kiTT to our caboodle. The kiTT to our kat. The... you know where I'm headed with this. Life wouldn't be nearly as much fun without you and your kiTTastic insights and pervy sense of humor. 

Happy birthday with big squishy hugs,


* * *


I hope u have an amazing un-birthday. Everyday I am grateful for your friendship.

Love you babes,


* * *

* * *

Happy Birthday kiTT!
Love, UAB

* * *

I wish I could send you a real Ryan-a-gram. Maybe one day when I have him and Rob in angel wings and jeans... Happy Birthday!


* * *

From the 12 Months Girls, The Rob Squad, and your boss,




  1. Hey Girls,
    Don't let those boys burden you any longer,
    I'm going to take them off your hands for you!
    Thank you for all your fantastic wishes!

    Wow! Whew! I'm so flattered and overwhelmed right now that I can't even come up with an apropos Twilight quote to serve up! I think I have Jackson, Ryan, and Rob all fighting over dominance of me. *rubs ice cube down neck*

    Aww chicas, I know it's been a busy time for all of you, and I'm truly grateful you all remembered and took time to put into this. Never for a second did I think you forgot...Hold on... *pulls off hat and changes out of Molly Ringwald Sixteen Candle clothes* lol

    Put me in that damn car with Ryan! Please! Never heard that before and I *privately daydreams of Rob, Ryan, and Jackson singing together*

    Lisa, I see you stepped up to the organizing plate this time. ;) Thank you! You must have been laughing your buTT off yesterday when I was whining about Ryan not being Fifty. Yeah boss lady, that's right, I'm totally willing sink my hopes into Ryan being The Professor. That once he's done with his Hollywood hiatus and Icy gets SR a movie deal the stars will align for me. He's the real deal! btw...Only God Forgives that toothless pic of Ryan.

    Stamina, Ryan!

    Dani, so much good things you brought may have taken me about 15 minutes or so to know what you were talking about with 4 of them. bwahahahaha kiTTing. Coincidentally, ATP made had some birthday M&M pancakes this morning. You forgot one though...*licks birthday cinnamon sugar off fingers* lol

    Kassie, those boys, shirtless FTW! I wanna be the kiTT to the boys canoodling me at once. And I can say that to you w/o fear of it going in...1 direction! ;)

    Jeannette, Aww, glad you made it! Now just because I may be a little Ryan focused doesn't mean I'm gonna stop fighting you for Rob. Ain't happening! ;)

    Fran, Oh, this picture. THIS picture! Something powerful, alluring, and coy about him in that white shirt and grey wool pants and that ring and that 'I've got a secret' smile. He's every-powerful-former-Ward here and I love it!

    UAB, My what a well-placed cake. I'm all about *privately daydreams here* and then licking the frosting off!

    DJ, "I heard it was your birthday. Or not." LMAO! I don't mind the boys turning my birthday wishes into a pissing match for their egos. That's kinda hoTT. Thanks and yes, someday those heavenly boys will show up at my doorstep (in an Amazon box)!

    Lisa I JUST got the "Will" you still love me tomorrow joke! bwahahahahaha YES, he can be Beautiful Player too!

    Thank you all! <3 <3 <3
    kiTT :)

  2. kiTT - Happy Birthday, lady! I have to apologize for my lack of participation in the above, other than telling Lisa that I would send her something and then utterly failing. I cannot for the life of my keep track of dates in my head right now and totally missed getting her things before they needed to be posted!!!! But I swear I didn't forget about you! I hope you have a wonderful day and that you enjoy whatever plans you have - family, perving on Ryan, Rob, Jackson, and whoever else you choose to include, whatever it may be. <3 ya!! And just because it's your special day... ((hugs!!)) and no, you can't run away!!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, kiTT! Glad you enjoyed the surprise of it all. Your comment has me giggling as much as everyone's Hey girls... Hope your real fake b-day was a great one!

    And I could get behind Ryan as the Bastard. Oh yeah... I could so see that! Then Rob could be Max since he's a Britt and all... It works... I think...

    And you aren't allowed to totally run off. We need you back by next weekend.

  4. Aw, glad I could make you think!! But you've reminded me...didn't you promise to send me some apple cider donuts? I really seem to remember you telling me that you'd LOVE to send me some...*nods*...yeah, that sounds just like something you'd say, right? It went like this:

    Me: I've never had apple cider donuts.
    You: Well I'll be sure to send you some this fall!
    Me: Oh, yay! kiTT, you're the best.
    You: Aw, shucks...

    Yep...sounds about right.


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