Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Very Special Day!!!!

Today is a very special day...
What day is it??

It’s Laureate04’s birthday!!!


Please help us celebrate the woman we affectionately call


Without her, this place wouldn’t be running.
You wouldn’t see cool posts about Rob’s movies.
You wouldn’t see Birthday posts.  
You wouldn’t know any of us...

Hope you have a fabulous day today!  
Forget eating healthy for today and live it up!!!!  
Love, UAB


Happy Birthday!


Lauren, since your birthday coincided with our reading
of The King, and since you are indeed a Queen...
I present you, for your birthday, the one and only true King, Rob.
I don't need to remind you to enjoy your special day, because
you are forever enjoying each of your days. Whether it's at one
of your many concerts, at work, and certainly at play you always
live life to it's fullest.
So on with it...
Long Live our Queen!!!
Happy Birthday sweet girl.


Laureate,  I cannot say it enough...
I Love You, Girl!
You make my words better than they are,
Our blogs pretty...
You feed our obsessions (some of us have many),
Share your love of all things music and adventure...
There’s a reason we call you “Q”...
You are a woman of many talents.
Thank you for ALL you do and give to us!
Happy Birthday!
XOXO,  Naughty
(aka Porthos)

.someone wants to send his birthday wishes...

Bella said it’s alright...
Thanks for all you do for Naughty...
Love, E.




Happy birthday Twin!!
We definitely have had some crazy times together in a few short years and I've loved every minute!
I can't wait to have more adventures together!
Thank you for sharing your love of Rob, the Black Dagger Brotherhood and many others with me. You're the bestest!!
I hope you have a fantastic birthday!!
Love ya!


We wish you a very Happy Birthday, Laureate!
Without you we’d be nothing!
Go Yankees!  

Your 12 Months Girls!!


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  1. Finally got the chance to REALLY read all of this and see all the work you guys put into things. This is fantastic and thank you all so much. I love all the 'gifts' up there and all the sentiment is even better. I love you all and the fact that you have become some of my closest confidants through many ups and downs. I will never know how to thank you all for that. Love you guys **group hug...yes, even you kiTT** <3


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