Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to the Fabulous UAB!!!

Today is a very special day at 12 Months of Rob! It's time to

with a very special Rob h00r, Utterly Absurd Bella, on this.. the day of her birth!!


They say any friendship that lasts 7 years are bound to last a lifetime. Well I’ve had the pleasure of being your friend for 4 years 3 months and 7 days, but who’s counting? (also can you believe it’s been that long since your kick ass New Moon party???) We are over half way to a lifetime of friendship and I don’t see any signs of it stopping. As long as there are Rob movies to be seen, we’ll have a reason to go to the theater! But I know for sure, that is not the only time we will get together! Thank you for your years of friendship! I hope you have a fantastic Robalicious birthday!



Ouu…It's UAB's birthday! Look who's

here to help celebrate. Yes, it's the sultry
and beer holding Rob. Doesn't get better than that, right?

Wrong. It gets better with Marie added to that Rob-world.
When I think back at all the good things that make up who our birthday girl
is…A world class teacher, cupcake making mother, supportive wife and sister, and my
favorite, a fun and helpful friend…she's made my world better.
I owe this Twi-Rob journey all on you my friend,
so thank you for that and much more.
Have a great day and know that if I could, I'd send sultry
Rob through your open window, beer in hand to wish you a Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday! Enjoy a can of Squee!

It's been fun going through so many of the same things as you.
From being a mom

To watching this handsome lad go from this
to this
It's been quite the ride, and I'm so glad to call you my friend!
Have a wonderfully happy birthday!
Love, Dani


Wishing you A Happy Birthday!
Love, Lisa


Hey UAB, betcha can't guess who is coming to your
birthday party!

Did the eyebrow give it away?

Love, kiTT


UAB, Bubba and his cousin Rey reminded me it was your Birthday.  
I couldn't ask for a better "Twi-Twin"!  You are an amazing friend and an inspiration to me.  I wish you a very Happy Birthday!  May all your wishes and dreams come true!
Love, Naughty HB



Happy, happy birthday, my friend!!  Thank you for being my inspiration on our "getting healthy" journey and thank you for talking me through all of my insecurities about teaching,  I know this all started with Rob but it's become so much more.  I love you and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

Love ya,



  1. Thank you so much girls for making my day even more special! I love you all so much! I could not ask for better friends.

    Kassie, I have come to the conclusion that we are kindred spirits. Yeah, yeah....I've read Anne of Green Gables one too many times! You're my Diana though, okay? LOL It's more than Twilight, and it's more than Rob. I can't believe it has been more than 4 years! I'm so glad Kristen brought you to my New Moon party! Thanks for being an amazing friend.

    Fran, we have so much in common, it is scary! LOL Everything you said about me....I can say about you! Well, I'm not sure about the cupcakes. :) I'm so glad I have you with me on this Twi-Rob journey. It's been a crazy ride, and it's not over yet!

    Dani, there is just something about having a 13 year old, moody daughter, that bonds women together! LOL And we have got that going on. Add a little Robp0rn to that, and you've got the makings of fabulous friendship!!!! Thank you for being there and being a wonderful friend. Maybe one of these days we'll have a 12Months convention and we can meet!!!! :)

    DEAL LISA!!!!! I will definitely take you up on that one! :) After Guy and David are done making out, I might be willing to share a little Roblove too. :) I love that version of the Beatles singing Happy Birthday. They sound so adorable and a little drunk - and there is nothing cuter than a drunk Beatle. Just sayin.... Then you go and add a little 60's Rob....yummy!!!!

    Oh my God kiTT! LMAO!!!! The eyebrow, the teeth.....oh God, those teeth. Yeah, tuxed up Rob is much better - but I wouldn't kick ReyRob out of my bed. I would just hand him a toothbrush first! LOL

    HB, I could listen to Rob with that accent all day! "HB was my best good friend. And even I know that ain't something you can find just around the corner" Thank you for being my best good friend and Twi-twin!!!!

    Lauren, you inspire me every day. I may have started it, but girl, you are getting it done!!!! Thank you for being there to bounce ideas off of, and keep me going on the getting healthy journey.

    Thank you thank you thank you again girls!!!! I love you all with all my heart!!!! You made my birthday perfect!!!!

  2. Late as always...This post was fantastic! Kassie, I might need some tissues. Fran and Dani, too. Such sweet nice posts. Lisa, is going all out guy... or Guy. I can't believe you're willing to share Rob. That's so sweet. kiTT should go into comedy...Where did you find that over-reactive Marilyn...who is very much representing me when I saw the Luche Libre ReyRob. LMAO. And then HB and Lauren make me reach for the tissues again.

    You all are so sweet and kind and goofy...I love seeing this. That just because Twi is over, the friendships have stayed.

    Hope your birthday was fantastic UAB. And that you got to spend it with some of the nicer looking ReyRob in the theatre. Happy Belated!

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes DJ!!!! I'm so glad you stopped by and got to enjoy the goofiness of this group! LOL


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