Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I know...I know...

A post?!?!

Why yes, yes it is!

I just wanted to welcome everyone back to the blog and to 2014.  I know that this has been said forever and a day, but I've done a lot of work this first week of January (hello, day 7 - still the first week!) to get organized and prepped for a successful year of blogging.

I'm not going to promise a daily or even necessarily a weekly post - but I will promise that I'll be attempting to get in more posts than we did this year...the last of which was in November *gasp*

I hope you're all still willing to join me and the 12Months girls for a year of fun and Rob!

2014 Promises to be the Year of Rob even more than we thought before - more on that later - but for now, I leave you with one of my favorite late 2013 "looks" for the boy....hitting the gym and getting ready for his busy year of filming ahead :)

See everyone soon!! 


  1. and I promise to come on over here to read and post comments!

  2. And I love you for that, Smitten :)


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