Friday, December 30, 2011

Exercise Your Right to Vote...

GQ collage or some variation of this shoot (I have one on the calendar now)

goatee rob (see above) is the cover right now

i could lick bruce weber...seriously.


  1. Voting starts Sunday night!

    Marie, I think I may have missed one of your wallpapers.


  2. Wow we really really really outdid ourselves on finding Robp0rn gold for this calendar! I just added a pic ;)

  3. must stop looking at Robporn now.

  4. OMFG!!!!! How are we supposed to choose!?!?! This is going to be soooooo tough! Meg if you missed one if mine, I can't remember which one. :). There is already so much hawt RobP0rn to choose from!

  5. I vote for...
    a 5-year calendar! lol

  6. This like putting a kid in a candy store.
    I'll have one of each please.
    This is like trying to pick which one of your kids you
    love better, impossible!

  7. i'm done now....really. well, at least for a couple minutes. :)

  8. i really want to find more of the kimmel ones and perhaps a berlin bd. cause i think we need more. lol

  9. Nope. I'm done with my voting...OH MY GOD!!!!

    Do we do this by number or can I just tell you? Screw it... in no particular order:
    Cover is Fabulous!
    #8 Twi-VF w/ ring - oh hell yeah!
    #14 Robowski in tux for the SQUEEE!
    #17 VF Rob
    #21 - Yes, oh, yes...
    #25 !!!!!!
    #32 Cannes ROB!!!!
    #34 Rome Rob - unf
    #35 Again...Unf
    #38 Jawporn galore
    #39 Eye Fuck!!!

    There's my votes....

  10. *spanks Naughty*
    u is cray, cray. haha!

    i'll number them by Sunday night.

  11. actually, if i click on one of the pictures it takes me to a slideshow. the rest of the pics are lined up below the one i clicked on. they are numbered, 1 of 56, 2 of 56, etc. does anyone else get this?
    may make things easier if i don't have to go back and number everything. :) #lazy

  12. Meg, don't kill me, but I'm thinking about changing my birthday month one! LOL I'll let you know.

  13. blogger just ate my comment. bastards.

    do whatcha gotta do, marie.

    that winter wallpaper banner is my top pick for december, just sayin.

    i can't seem to stop adding pics. i mean, how did we forget the gray hoodie? blasphemy!

    LAUREN!!! the banner rocks! pimp it on twitter, girl.

  14. Meg, that collage with the black and white pics...unf....holy hotness...

    Thanks for the banner love :-) I had fun with it!

  15. okay, maybe we should just start voting so i stop adding pics.

  16. STOP *yelled a la Alice in the Baseball scene* ;)

    Okay I have my votes and I couldn't help myself so I limited myself to 10 votes so here we go

    1- heeeello leather
    10- the b/w, the words, the scruff unnnf
    24- smirk, chest hair, blush, messy hair ooooh yeah
    28-Mouth, tux... enough said
    35- Sexspenders dies me
    37- WFENY Today Show Rob.. I was there.. get's my vote!
    48- b/w, scruff, pouty lips
    55- eyes that look into your soul thud
    65- beautiful bastard
    66- Robkowski FTW

  17. stepped away from PS read along to do this...there's 66 not 50! FML!

    #5 Beanie, Grey shirt & Black tie! YUP!
    #9 Hoodie Rob
    #11 GQ Baby!
    #13 Goatee, Goatee, Goatee!
    #19 NM Premiere lipbiting! Sex on Legs!!!
    #24 Graumann's Rob. So Fifty!
    #28 Tux Jacob J! HOT AS HELL
    #32 white shirt & Pinky ring - unf!
    #35 Heeeeyyyy Jacob!
    #40 Berlin Premiere Rob
    #46 Leno Grey Suit Rob
    #47 Cannes Rob
    #49 Rome Rob! Nuff said.
    #54 Young Hollywood Come hither Naughty!
    #61 Sexpenders!
    #62 OH ROB!

    Lauren, awesomeness with the banner. Classy!

  18. This too hard to choose, but here goes:

  19. girlies, we have 9 months to fill. (FYI)

    you can add more pics if you want them doubled up, etc.

    like say, i want #14, #15, and #16 for March (for example).

    happy voting! can't wait to get this puppy printed! :)

  20. If there's 9 that are left to fill why don't we each just pick one more?

  21. Kassie.....I you know how much time i spent?!?! guess that would make sense, but isn't this more fun? :) *cries*

  22. Awwww I"m sorry Meg :( *HUGS*

    But we all *gives the ladies Focker eyes* can't get this voting thing together... and wouldn't we rather have the calendar sooner rather than later?

  23. *ignore kassie's logical reasoning and votes* lol

    8 - december
    9 - hoodie ftw
    12- for the following december
    14 - cosmopolis
    15- button it up, baby
    16 - GQ
    18 -VF
    22 - Sofar
    36 - WFE
    56- LADIES, c'mon! :)
    61 - dead
    64- WFE


    As it is now....

    we could do 9 and 55 together = 1
    15 and 18 together = 2
    20 = 3
    28 and 35 for WFE = 4
    62!!! = 5
    54 = 6

    that leaves 3 more pages.
    still waiting on lisa, jen, lauren, tt, AND marie.
    get on it, girlies!

  24. 9 and 55 I concur
    15 and 18 yes
    20, 21 and 52 go together
    28 and 35 *drools* I'm sorry what?? yes
    62 lips mmm
    54 growl

    it's just sooo hard (TWSS) to decide

  25. okay, voting closes tomorrow at noon...sound good? then i'm whipping some shit together. ;)

  26. okay, voting closes tomorrow at noon...sound good? then i'm whipping some shit together. ;)

  27. Sounds good to me... as long as I get to stare at Robs pretty face for 18 months I don't really care which pics they are, I know they'll all be great!

  28. #13

    How many were we supposed to pick? I chose 10 just to play along.

    But I gotta say as far as I'm concerned, any Rob is good Rob.

    I never saw a Rob picture I didn't like.

    With Rob pictures, it's all blessing and no curse.

    It was a honor just to be nominating him over any other actor.

    There's enough love in a fangirl's heart to love all pictures of Rob equally.

    Let the Robchips fall where they may!!!!

  29. This is really really hard!

    Okay, first - Meg, can you change my June choice to #39 (Preservation Hall Rob) pretty please. Thanks!

    How many are we voting on? Looks like about 9, right?
    Here goes....

  30. Love Goatee Rob for the cover, so not including it in my vote. Also not including Sofar Rob because I used it for July. If we're not using the one I sent for July, then I would vote for it big time. Hope that makes sense. Also like the use of Jules's winter wallpapers for the Decembers. Having said all that, here's my top 10:

    #6 – Beanie Rob (close-up)
    #9 – Hoodie Rob
    #10 – B&W (Never Think lyrics)
    #20 – VF Rob (color)
    #25 – Sepia tone
    #32 – VF Rob (b&w)
    #39 – VF Rob (at piano)
    #53 – B&W (close-up)
    #55 – Color (close-up)
    #65 – GQ Rob

  31. I'm with kiTT - I haven't seen a picture I didn't like...ever. That being said my faves are here...

    9 - Hoodie Rob
    10 - I love the lyrics on there
    31 - love the t-shirt and sport coat look
    37- WFENY Today Show Rob
    55 - yum....just yum...
    57 - smiley rob!

    I love all the others we've picked too - I'm good with anything/everything here :-D

    Do we need more quotes?? There are a whole bunch on the blog that we could pull/use :)

  32. And yes, I know - it's after noon...I suck...been a crazy couple of days and I totally forgot that I have to work this afternoon even though it's my last day of break from I was trying to get my errands done this morning that we were going to do this afternoon....I just want to stay in my sweats and read FF all day today...

  33. So I took all the votes and the ones with the highest number of votes are (and there just so happens to only be 9 of them)...

    #62 with 5 votes
    #9 with 4 votes
    #10 with 4 votes
    #55 with 4 votes
    #20 with 3 votes
    #24 with 3 votes
    #42 with 3 votes
    #64 with 3 votes
    #65 with 3 votes

    so what are we gonna do??

  34. thanks for calculating, Kassie. i'll look at everything tonight and put something together.

    kassie, do you want to do a few more collages of the faves that go together?

    marie, i got ur e-mail. u are too sweet. of course you can change. :)


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