Saturday, December 3, 2011

I looked into my crystal ball...

and saw that your weekend could use more Rob!

What's that? The tongue wants to make an appearance?

Well then, let's take a lick....I mean look...

Hottness amped up by CreationsbyJules (Fab!)


  1. Why yes. It could! Broke down and upgraded my cell phone last night. Felt like treating myself after a craptastic work day. I can view blogs now!! Can't type on the touch screen very well. Will take some getting used to for sure. Everything else is amazing though.

  2. We can ALWAYS use a little Rob! Thanks kiTT!!!!!

  3. The weekend's are made for more Rob.
    I spy White Shirt Rob. xo
    thanks kiTT for bringing us some of Jules' creations.

  4. That is exactly what I needed today...I've been at the tutoring center since 7am...I'm stuck here til 1...but at least I'm the "director on duty" today so I'm in the office getting work done and not dealing with kids...that sounds terrible coming from a teacher...but I just couldn't do 6 hours of whining this

    A little Rob makes it all better!


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