Sunday, December 18, 2011

On the Sixth Day of Christmas... true love gave to me...six leather jackets...

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This post is for the fabulous MrsKassieCullen who loves herself a bad boy in a leather jacket...and you know I'm right there with ya, my pervy twin!  Some leather and dark jeans...or faded, holey jeans...or no know, whatever fits the mood...Merry Christmas Kassie!!


  1. this is awesome!!!

    kassie, i just learned somethin new about u. :)

    merry christmas!

    those photo shoots were epic. me wants more like that.

  2. Bad boy look, leather, wore out jeans,... hot very.

    Merry Christmas sweet Kassie.

  3. On closer inspection I believe the third picture and the last picture are the same jacket (they were both during BD press and it looks kinda the same) but I like that one anyway so it works :)

  4. Geez. I got goosebumps looking at that last picture and remembering I was in the room with him while he was wearing that brown leather jacket.

    Meg, that first one is from a photoshoot for US Weekly. There are several yummy shots!

    So much goodness. Another great post. Good call, Kassie!

  5. Oh yes, and I forgot to mention - we're only 1/2 way there...hold onto your seats ladies :)

  6. Oh my God....Oh my God....and OH. MY. GOD!!!!! Okay, thank you for that orgasmic post! I really appreciate it girls!

    Okay, Kassie - he's all yours. You know what to do. What was it, tab A into slot B???? LOL

  7. Fuck the World! Oh, Rob...

    How I love the in Leather and a goatee...

    Gotta go change my knickers!

    Happy Christmas Kassie!

  8. WHOA ! ! ! ! Was not expecting this!!!

    Merry Christmas Kassie!
    (you can almost pretend it is Rob singing)

  9. Yes tab A slot B... me and leather jacket Rob have got this game down ;)

    Thanks Lauren!! I do love my bad boy in leather :)

    kiTT how did you get this record of me and Rob singing??? He told me it was private... like that video we made ;)

    Merry leather jacket wearing Rob Christmas to us all!!


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