Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh Georges...

Look what I found on RObsessed today ladies!
Sounds like some behind the scene footage from Bel Ami came out while we were drooling over Rob and the suit porn. A very lovely fan complied it down to just DuRob footage.


  1. oh my hotness!! thanks for sharing, lovely.

  2. Oh man...this is going to be insane when we finally get to see it...I just watched that probably 5 times on repeat...

  3. I've watched it a bunch of times too. I want to be the character he ends up on the ground with - when it looks like he's fighting in the dance hall (or wherever they are). I just noticed it should say "compiled" not "complied". That's what happens when you are working on no sleep.

    WV: flograpr - flog raper? Really? Is fifty here??? ::scans room::
    Off to watch again! I can't wait. We should totally plan a "watch it together" thing for this!

  4. so good!!

    lauren, just wanted to say how much i love the december banner again. it should be "out there" for all to see.


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