Monday, December 19, 2011

On the Seventh Day of Christmas

my true love gave to me.... seven old t-shirts

This post is for us all in the fandom. We love Rob in a suit, we love Rob in a tux, we love Rob in boxers, we love Rob in swim trunks, we love Rob in t-shirts be they old and ratty like our beloved Stoli or brand spanking new like the almost racist one from Jimmy Kimmel. Merry Christmas to us all!


  1. Ah yes, Rob in a Tee. It's like seeing a little bit of what's going on in his complicated mind. Some, like the messages to dick heads to give him space are obvious and others are sending the real message..."I don't give a crap about what I wear..." The tees I like the best, are the plain white V neck Fruit of the Looms.
    It just strips away everything but the man underneath it...boy and a little of his sweat :)

  2. Get Off My dick. yeah, that's my fav.

    This is a great part to the song!

    Like you Fran, I also enjoy the v neck white or black t-shirts..

  3. Just in case you were wondering what happened to the Stoli shirt.....Rob gave it to me.

    Oh, wait.....that was a dream. Seriously! LOL Over the summer I had a dream that Rob gave me his Stoli shirt - and it smelled like Rob...heavenly.

    Holey t-shirt Rob works for me! Thanks for making my day brighter.....just gotta get through today and tomorrow!

  4. I love Rob in t-shirts bc it shows him when he's most comfortable. And I love when he sends out direct messages with his shirts. Get off my dick is probably my fav too! There are many hours of enjoyable "Let me get on it first." kind of thoughts. The more time I have the dirtier my mind gets.

  5. I know there were t-shirts in this post, but I couldn't get past the beanies, ballcaps, and sunglasses.

    Loved unwrapping this gift, girlz!

  6. haha, kassie. you kill me.

    hello, stoli shirt at the airport. miss you. *sniff*

    merry christmas to all and to all a good night. :)

  7. Oh Lisa, your day is coming - don't worry, my friend...just wait and see ;-)


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