Thursday, December 15, 2011

On the Third Day of Christmas

my true love gave to me..... three instrumeeeeeeeents

This post is for Meg. Your love of Rob playing music is something we would like to give to you for Christmas. Merry Christmas Meg!


  1. Music. It is a gift isn't it? Especially when Rob's attached to it.
    Merry Christmas Meggie.

  2. I like Rob's fingers on strings.....on keys.....wherever. It's all good!

    Merry Christmas Meg! xo

    I wish for some new music from Rob in 2012!!!!!

  3. oh my goodness, you girls are so sweet. thank you so much!!! what a wonderful way to wake up.
    i have to say, i think the SOFAR one is my fave, followed very closely by VF.
    See, Leibovitz? you don't need crocodiles. :)
    i was writing out christmas cards last night (by the by, need everyone's address again) and my playlist went to Never instantly made me swoon. He put so much energy, heart, and soul into that just comes right through the speakers.

    off to a class christmas party this morning then to a christmas concert this evening. lots of cuteness to go around.

    miss you girls.

    Merry Christmas. Here's to another 12 months with you ladies and lots o Rob!

    Hope 2012 uses a little more Rob. js. :)

  4. Ok. Fine. I will share MY music Rob with Meg. It is Christmas...the time when it's better to give than receive and all that ;)

  5. Oh, your time is coming, Lisa - not to worry!!


  6. We are more than happy to share these little Rob gems with you all!

    And to those of you that haven't gotten your day yet.. you just wait! to quote Q muahahahaha....


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