Thursday, December 22, 2011

On the Tenth Day of Christmas... true love gave to me, ten Robs in Hats...

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...and no, they're not really "hats" but our boy does love his hoods too...


This post is for Lisa, as we know she has a soft spot for the beanie and well, baseball caps are kind of a given...enjoy!   Merry Christmas, Lisa!! 


  1. *holds up score card* 10

    Perfect!!! You know I love my baseball hat wearing Beanie Baby, and I love the two of you :D

    This post also has scruffy jawporn and music. Spot the microphone and the music notes? *nods*

    Picture #7 has long been a favorite of mine. Tipsy Rob FTW.

    Picture b& so f*cking hot I can hardly stand it.

    And what I wouldn't give to see Rob's hood(ie) ;)

    Thank you x17 and Merry Christmas. MWAH!


  2. I like pic # 3..beanie of course, sunglasses, jaw with scruff, and let's not forget unbutton shirt with chest peeking. (You know what I'm going to say, right? Blue shirt is real hot too, but white would be better.)
    For Lisa and I, I like the double Rob too...Twinned and all.
    17 Christmas Wishes just don't seem enough, but I'm
    sending them to you for your Tenth Day of Christmas.
    Love you Rob jaw hard.

  3. Merry Christmas, Lisa - see I told you not to worry!! Thanks for everything this year and here's to many more!! Love ya!

  4. I was waiting for Lisa's beanie post - and you got it....and much more! Each one is more delicious than the can you even choose? Ah well, just enjoy them all on this 10th day Lisa! Merry Xmas!!!

  5. Rob has perfected the hoodie.

    This was a great mix for Lisa. And why does the b/w pic stand out to me?

    Very enjoyable!

    Merry Christmas, Lisa!

  6. Pic 3 the beanie, the sunglasses, the scruffy jaw, the unbuttoned shirt, the wisps of hair sticking out of the hat and shirt. *swoooon* or should I say "Schwing!!!"

    Pic 8 the LB hat, the sunglasses, the scruffy jaw, the white v-neck, the sex strut, the b/w. *thud*

    Pic 9 the microphone hold, enough said! *mind firmly plants itself in the gutter*

    We gotta hook our girl up!! Merry Christmas Lisa.

    PS: hoodies FTMFW!!

  7. I thought you guys might like of my faves from my collection :) I also enjoy 9 and the way he's sitting on the chair - it's kind of adorkable...


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