Monday, December 26, 2011

Mad About You

Watch this through girls...It will drive you insane.


  1. That was hottt Tesoro! Thank you :-) (glad the directions worked!)

  2. *shivers* That was lovely, Fran. I got an email alert that Dukkesa had added a new video but hadn't seen it yet. I keep forgetting I can watch them on my phone now. Love the song choice and clips/pictures she used to go with it. Goatee Rob still dies me. Unf!

  3. Perfection. And I spotted NMNYC Rob!

    BD Berlin Rob (with the crisp white shirt) is one of my faves (voted for him over at robsessed).

    thanks for sharing, tesoro!

  4. I didn't get a chance to check out these posts til now.
    This made Naughty feel a bit better and just a lil bit naughty. Phew...thank god littleman's out the house! LMAO

    I'll be back in an hour!
    **oohhhh Crafty hubsstttterrrr!**


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