Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Rob-mas to the ladies of 12months...

Looks like Santa was good to everyone this year with the Rob-gifts...check out the loot - some from students, some from family, some from friends, and some we bought ourselves...all in all it was a very Rob-filled Christmas :)

From Q/Laureate04:


From MKC:


From UAB:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
(Her presents, a necklace made for her by one of her kids, and the note that went with it)

From 17ForeverLisa:

(Check out that Echo Charlie ornament...gotta love that Fifty...)

From kiTT:


From Naughty:


From BellaTesoro:

Photobucket Photobucket
(I think she's our hands-down winner!)

Hope everyone had a happy, Rob-filled holiday with friends and family!!  It's almost time for 2012 - bring on all the Rob goodness!!! 


  1. The twi-hoarder in me is salivating. (And that's not
    twi-h00r, there's a big addiction difference there.)
    No matter, either way makes me happy.
    Enjoy your loot h00rs, there's more to be had in the coming year.

  2. Well looks like our family and friends who bestowed gifts unto us got Jen's message, "Christmas Day could use some Rob."

    I love my graphic novel! Does anyone else have that magazine?
    It's great! Lots of Rob and much of Twilight.

    BT, what is just to the left of your lunchbox that has Jacob and Kellan on it?

    Lisa, Echo Charlie chopper is cool

    Oh UAB, I don't know whether to laugh or cry at your necklace.

    @Lauren, what are the extra pics of Rob? Interchangables for the keychain?

  3. @ kiTT, to the left is yet another pillow case. This one
    has the whole BD cast on it, instead of my usual just Edward, I'll have the other "boys" to sleep on if I feel the need...(got to go buy another pillow now.)
    I don't have any of the graphic novels. Is it Teen stuff? Cause you know I don't do teen stuff...but I would like it to add to my collection. (I know, I need an intervention)

  4. Lisa's Echo chopper is hands down gorgeous, but if there is to be a winner in the Rob/Twilight loot...it
    will have to be the picture ornament with THEIR picture in it.
    I mean, geezzzzz, that's THE FREAKING Holy Grail!

  5. oh, a pillowcase! Neat!

    As for the graphic novels. I love mine. imo, they are beautiful works of art inspired by the story(not cheesy) and speak to the simplicity of the love story.

    There's a certain magic to being immersed in the story through it that holds its own for me.

    But I don't think you get the full effect if you pick it up and thumb through it. You have to really sit and read it.

  6. It was thoughtful of someone to make that ornament for her.

    I see UAB and I both got the WFE copy with that card on the front of Jacob/Marlena. Did anyone else's DVD come with that? I think it is worthy of a frame.

  7. @kiTT, Well then, I will have to put graphic novels on my birthday wish list. Unless my addiction gets too much and I buy it for myself first.
    Also, what is over to the right, with a handle??

    @UAB, the necklace is precious with that note! What is on the necklace?

  8. BT, that's a Twilight hairbrush from that collection of Twilight styling tools.

    Also, don't overlook those Band-Aids to the left of my Hallmark ornament. Only Twilight could have made Band-Aids an appropriate Christmas gift.

  9. kiTT, a brush! Tell me it has Edward on it.
    I have the band-aids, use them in school when the kids
    get a paper cut. Seriously. I think they get cut on purpose. Now I'm waiting, hoping for BD ones.

  10. The brush just has Edward on the packaging.

    I'm waiting for one of two things.

    Either an Barbie Edward styling head or for Rob to come to my house so I can mess with his hair.

  11. I'm not sure how I feel about the necklace. If my 7 year had made it, I would think it was cute. But my 15 year old made it and I sorta feel like he is mocking me as usual. My husband said Jake was really proud of making it.....IDK. I think he is proud of finding a way to make fun of me. It's paper clips with a key ring and some crown charm that I think he stole from his sister.

    @kiTT - I didn't even think about framing that card that came with the WFE DVD! Thanks for the idea.

    @Fran - the graphic novels are really pretty and unlike the Twilight movie - are absolutely true to the book. All my favorite bits are in there.

    @Lisa - I think I said this already but Echo Charlie is awesome!!!!!!

    You all got some amazing Twi-goodies! I'm glad you all had a wonderful Christmas! Now its time for me to go out and buy all the Twi-stuff from my list that I didn't get! LOL

  12. man, i got screwed. haha

    but i did get a lovely keychain!! *blows kiss*

    i'm gonna have to order meself that nm edward blanket whenever i get around to it. happy new year to me! :)

    kiTT, is that the Robert Pattinson 2012 calendar? I ordered one for Jen through Amazon for her b-day but they just sent a message saying it was out of stock. Drat. Is it any good? Are you laughing at that question? lol

    Tesoro, I love your Twilight thermos!

    UAB, I sure hope he didn't make it in jest. It's like that one twi-mom said, some people golf...you Twilight. i don't make fun of the hubs for the obsessive amount of time he spends watching football, wearing jerseys, hats, etc. You can't tell me your boys don't have something like that in their lives. All I gots to say is, we gets you, girl...and we got you.

  13. I got the helicopter ornament from Mary (Mama Cougar). She bought one for herself and for me. Her husband then customized it for us :)

    I guess I should have included all of the things I bought myself...

    -Breaking Dawn illustrated companion
    -BD1 books with movie tie-in cover (large and small)
    -graphic novel (yes, kiTT, I have it and the WFE DVD with the special insert)
    -three Jackson magazines (Ouch and Zoey I bought on ebay; Troix is a print-on-demand magazine only offered online and it's absolutely stunning)

    I can't believe none of us got a Rob calendar. Off to order one...

  14. Oh, I bought the soundtrack and the score on iTunes. I also bought a hard copy of the soundtrack.

  15. @Lisa and Meg, Best gifts are those we buy ourselves. Let the after Christmas discounts begin.
    @kiTT I'm on the hunt for that Rob calendar.
    And Meg, if I find an Edward blanket on sale I'll buy it. I know Spencer's has
    Twilight Edward ones...you looking BD Edward?

  16. Wow. Really not liking what I'm finding for calendars. There's only one on Amazon. I'm thinking I'll just make my own at Walgreen's.

  17. I bought myself the BD calendar for school. I'm thinking of getting a twilight and new moon poster since I don't have either of those. I found them for like $3 each on all posters.

    I agree....this hobby is way cheaper than golf too ;-)

  18. @Lisa, are the calendars that bad? Your idea gave me one too:
    Since you, Q and the rest of the gang have the know how, we should come up with "our own" 12month of Rob calendar!!!
    We could each find a pic we love and make one.
    Yes, no, maybe, to get to the other side???

  19. I love all the loot we all got. I'm super jealous of the picture frame and Echo Charlie!!

    I can't wait to get my hands on the graphic novels. I saw a demo in the app store and downloaded it, now I have to see the rest!

  20. Um...brilliant, Tesoro!
    As long as we keep it between us, I don't see how it's illegal. :) I would love a calendar made by us!!!
    Everyone can send me their pics and I'll put it together on shutterfly (unless someone else knows of a better way). I bet we could add fave Rob quotes too!!
    Can you tell I'm excited?

    Oh, Tesoro, thank you so much for offering about the blanket. You're too kind...but I got it. I'd like a NM Edward one, like yours. Just have to take the time to do it. xoxo

  21. Meg - go check your email - I did a quick calendar workup while I was sitting here this afternoon...let me know what you think...


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