Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the First Day of Christmas

my true love gave to me.... 1 Rooooooooooooobward


  1. And so it begins...still no peaking at the drafts we have going...but here's your first taste of our surprise :-D

  2. You two are wonderfully delightful Rob elves.
    Nice way to start my long ass day (parent conferences until 8...) So thank you for gifting me Rob :)

  3. *clappy jumps* Yay! Presents!!!!!
    I don't know how you're going to top Robward.....but know you girls, you will! I can't wait!

  4. what I meant to type was "knowing" you girls! LOL

  5. So fun! And Robward definitely started it all.

    Good luck with P/T conferences, Fran.

  6. Mmmmm...better than a partridge in a pear tree. My true love would have Robward tied up on a spit before he'd give him to me. Bwahahaha. So, I think it's better we get them from the Perv Twins.

    wv: reality! OMFG!

  7. I'm glad you all are enjoying this! I think we did top ourselves so be sure to come back but I probably don't have to tell you that!

  8. Robert Pattinson Bothered up in a tree!

    Oh, Robward....my true love.

    This is fun ladies. Go to it!

    I'm surrendering and going to the doctor's today for this blasted cough. It's time for drugs.

    Sending group hugs all around. :)

  9. So my true love (Robward) gave unto me himselfeth on this the first day? Cancel days 2 though 12. I'm good!


    This is going to be fabulous girls! Can't wait!


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