Saturday, May 26, 2012

Don't Underestimate Us

Many of us have experienced it.  The instant eye roll when the word "Twilight" is mentioned in conversation.  It's as if we've been instantly shelved in the judger's mind under "unintellectual" and "one dimensional".

Yes, I was fanatical obsessed really into Twilight for a while there.  Yes, I'm fairly certain that the other stay-at-home moms whispered about my "hobby" behind my back (the same ones who think they're so hip for reading FSoG, mind you).

But I like to think I have some depth, some taste, some cultural opinions.  And if you ask me, that's what sets us gals at 12months (along with our online friends) apart from the rest.

So, like Rob said in one of his Cannes interviews, don't underestimate the audience.  If you give us good material, if you give us quality and passion and heart...we will come.  I've thought this for years about Hollywood.  Does it really bother anyone if there's a no name starring in a movie if that unknown actor delivers?  No.  Do we really care how much the studio spent on a project if it moves us in the right way?  Nuh-uh.

That's the whole reason Twilight succeeded in the first place...because Catherine, Kristen, and Rob put all of their creative energy together into something they believed in.

Robert Pattinson was never going to be just Edward Cullen to the vast majority of Twilight fans.  He's too good for that.

And quite frankly--so are we.


  1. Meg I couldn't agree more! Some movies have money thrown at them, big name actors affiliated with them, and they bomb big time at the box office. While other movies like Twilight get crapped on for being this 'big thing' making 'tons of money'. Rob wasn't a big name before Twilight, and frankly neither was Twilight, but he is and it is now!

    I'd like to think we are being culturally aware of what is going on and not deluding ourselves into thinking Twilight is the end all be all. But what it is, is a project people worked really hard on, not knowing what kind of an audience it would get. Not knowing a series would even be made. Not knowing the attention the movies and its stars would get. Just because it spans generations doesn't make 'us' dumb for being grown women that love the same thing as a teen does, it makes us know goodness when we see it.

    Let's think of where we would be today if all judgmental people, all close minded people were the norm. Obviously they're the ones that will miss out on amazing projects because of their preconceived ideas about Twilight, Rob and Kristen.

    People turn their noses up at Fifty Shades once they know it was once Twilight fanfiction, but they'll secretly read it while mocking it to others faces.

    Don't ask why this turned into a rant, but just know that you are right Meg. We are smart women, who know a good project from miles away. I cannot wait for Cosmopolis to have it's box office debut.

  2. They may underestimate the "twilight-thing" but they welcome the number of us. Look what we've
    brought to their table. Women, of all ages. Women they now see, can create a whole community who continue
    to follow, like you said Meg, in an intelligent fashion. I'm sensing Rob has come to appreciate it too. I love reading
    and hearing all his confident comments surrounding where it started and where he's headed.
    Megan, I love your thoughtful insight.

  3. YES MEG!!!! Agree agree agree!!!! And as I said in my birthday wish for Rob, hopefully the Twilight haters will start to see Rob for the amazing actor he is and stop writing him off because of Twilight.

    I love what you said about the hypocrites reading FSofG and I relish being the one to tell them it was Twilight FF! Partly because I am so proud of Icy and partly because I just like rubbing it in people faces! LOL

  4. @Fran - I'm also glad to see that Rob realizes that much of his Twilight audience is looking for more from him, that we want him to push the boundaries and show people all he has to offer. I think he knows we get it. We might not love every choice he makes, but we want him to take those risks, to be true to himself.

    I think that's true, Kassie. Twilight is not the end. It was a message to the powers-that-be that not everything can be calculated. It was also the beginning of some beautiful things. Namely, Rob's star quality and ability.

    @Marie - LOL, I tend to think the ones that really judge just haven't been exposed to the forbidden fruit.

  5. Bravo, Meg! Bravo!
    I get that "unintelligent" look from my family. But, when it comes down to it, I, just like my brother (who by the way told me that Twilight would be huge!)know more about the films that are being produced. Rob is picking fabulous projects for himself and people will finally get to see what we see - beyond the looks.

    I'm sorry, but I don't have one nice thing to say about people who bash the saga and then read "FSoG" and think they are in on something. I've blown quite a few minds by telling some of them that it was ff first. So, yeah,'re more into "Twilight" than you thought! LMAO

    I am proud to be one of the women in this little group. As you said, "Don't underestimate US."


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