Thursday, May 3, 2012

So MUCH News...

First things first, Thanks to PattinsonLife for this...
Rob talking about Mission: Black List

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Robert Pattinson, who is bound to suprise a lot of people in three weeks when Cosmopolis will be presented at Cannes, doesn't seem to want to stop there yet. The 'adult' turn the star is taking will go further with Mission: Blacklist, the new movie by Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire, director of the impressive Johnny Mad Dog in 2008. The movie is a thriller inspired by Eric Maddox's book, the military interrogator who was the brain of the operation that lead to the capture of Saddam Hussein in December 2003. Erik Jendresen, screenwriter for Band of Brothers is in charge of the adaptation, with a shooting that should be starting in the Fall.

"We're going to do some scout locations in Iraq soon."

"As Jean-Stéphane is used to work with non professional actors, I thought I had no chance of getting the role," Robert Pattinson told us recently. "But we met a few times and we clicked. He found a fascinating way to deal with this subject. It's weird because it's a movie about war but it's essentially focusing on the interrogations. The language and the barriers he could create played an important role. But it's essentially the story of a true soldier, Eric Maddox, with whom we're leaving for Iraq soon for some scouting"

"Jean-Stéphane is truly surprising"
says Pattinson. "He has talent when it comes to meeting people. Like, for example, out of nowhere, he got to spend some time with the Iraqi Minister of Culture. He also got to meet this guy who was a former chief of the Hussein clan and he was really close to him. I asked him: 'How do you get to meet a man like that?' He said he met him in a bar in Paris!"

After Johnny Mad Dog, immersed in the every day life of extremely violent kids - turned soldiers - in Liberia, Sauvaire seems to have found a new subject cut out for his explosive film making technics. "Johnny Mad Dog was an extremely strong piece, that possessed a truly documentary value, while still being cinematic," says Pattinson with enthusiasm. "I cannot wait to work with him on Mission: Blacklist. It's going to be a f***ing good movie."
IRAQ??? Better have a shit ton of security! 

I have two new clips of Cosmopolis...I'll post those separately...


  1. Well... he's passionate about it. That's all that really matters to me. He just needs to be extra safe and come home in one piece. Preferably bring Dean back that way too.

  2. i'm drinking wine right now. tee hee.
    did someone fix the wallpaper for our sweet kassie? ;)

    i'm just happy that the man is working. bring on the uniforms, the challenges, the character driven role, the raw emotions, get to the heart of it, Rob. that's where you are at your best.

    there' a clip on robsessed where they show a line of white limos (yes, this has nothing to do with this post and i would embed if blogger didn't toy with me so) that's very reminiscent of wall street from the 80s. just my opinion.

    midnight. bel ami. the end.
    and i'm going to fuckin disney world.

    how's that for a weekend?

    ps~i love u girls. i want to meet with you in new york and squeal at pictures and dance at some hole in the wall and drink wine and discuss robsten in depth and eat fried food at 2 in the morning but it really feels like 10pm, and place my hands over rob's. k?


    new york. ahhh. i miss you.
    rob bring us together again.


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