Monday, May 14, 2012

Rob's Birthday Train - Birthday Wishes


For your birthday, this year, we wish for you the following things...


We know that this is THE year for the *sniff* end of Twilight and that the craziness is going to explode for the fifth and final installment, but we hope that somewhere in the time you have, you'll have some to just be...without having to be everywhere all the time.

...New Projects...

Mission: Blacklist (yes, please!)


(And I heard somewhere maybe 3 more announcements as well?  What are you waiting for, bb?  Share with us!).  Do movies that you like and that you believe in and that you want to do, and you know we'll be there with you every step of the way.  We may have fallen in love with Edward, but we've stayed for you, Rob.

...New Photoshoots...

Ok, so maybe this one is a little more for us, than you.  But, really, we love a good magazine cover and you do them so well.  We wish that you are gracing the pages and covers of publications everywhere this year with all the new movies and excitement.  Now, don't get me wrong, the Premiere shoot...

...gave us some awesome and interesting new photos...but the gaping wounds and punching yourself in the face aren't always the pictures we want to swoon over.  I love the artistic side and the representations of Cronenberg's films (ok, I absolutely LOVE this shoot...) but sometimes we want a little bit of this again, too...

...but most of all our wishes for you this year are...


Do what makes you happy!  Make movies, do photoshoots, choose roles that no one has ever heard of or expects you to do, play music (Lisa, Meg, and Lauren I know for sure are hoping for this one...), travel, hide out, do what you have to do.  We want nothing more than your happiness...and maybe to run into you a film festival or another premiere or just walking down the street.

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  1. I really think Rob is going to keep us on our toes in the years to come. I can't wait!!!!

  2. Great way to start the train. Hope they all come true.

  3. I LOVED the Premiere Photos!! They were crazy sexy in a twisted way!! Lovely post!!! Gotta head on down to Robmusement now :)

  4. Wonderful wishes! This is perfect

  5. Yes I do hope he does more photo shoots...Pretty ones...Pretty please? I mean we call you The Pretty for a reason LOL I don't like to see the Pretty injured *weird I know* But I can appreciate the artistry of it all. And more music from ROB? YES PLEASE!!! or should I say HELL TO THE YEAH!!

  6. Thanks guys. Glad everyone enjoyed. I certainly had fun getting this together :-)

  7. These wishes aren't so much just for Rob as they are for us too. If he gets all these wishes he will be one happy man. And if he's happy his work will be great, if his work is great he will have his choice in any and all future roles that will be coming in faster than he can comprehend. The more he works the happier we will be bc we'll get to spend more time celebrating him. So Rob if you see this, make yourself happy bc in turn it will make us happy.

  8. Great balance between wishes for him and wishes for us!


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