Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rob's Birthday Train - Birthday Gifts

Happy Birthday, Rob!!!

Who doesn't love birthday presents?  I know that all of us here at 12months certainly love some presents.  Now, what can we "give" to the man who gives us everything, just by breathing (see what I did there...)??

Our biggest gift to give here is our support...our promise that we will keep showing people just what it is you can do! 

We will go to many times as we can: 

We will order movies...when we can't see them in theaters:

We will get together to celebrate your movies:

And we will even make sure to visit places you've been:

(Planet Hollywood, NYC)

We will continue to blog about your talent and how much we have all enjoyed and appreciated every single experience 'with' you, whether it was a movie premiere, or a tv show appearance, or even just watching you do what you do best on the big screen.  We will continue to love and support you and your work this year and every year.  

Happy Birthday! 

Follow the train!  Your next stop is Robmusement!! 


  1. the gift of our support is a special one...we'll go broke for you baby!
    Nice job, Laureate!

  2. Support is an important gift. Giving of your time and talent to Rob could never be time wasted IMO

  3. Truthfully. I know without a doubt that's ALL Rob or any artist of substance wants. Fans to
    support them. We sure do that.

  4. This is one of the best support groups, Rob.
    You are one lucky guy.

  5. Out of all gifts that we have "given" today, this is really the only gift that we can truly give Rob. Now, if Rob like to stop by, I would love to give him some of the other gifts that we mentioned in our other blogs.....wink wink. ;P

    1. If he does stop by, do you think we can get him to try on Jeanette's candy g-string? I've got a little bit of a sweet tooth tonight. *insert evil laugh*

  6. That planet hollywood pic is the event I went to that I mentioned in my email!

  7. WE all focused on stuff we could give Rob and totally forgot what we actually give Rob... But at least one of us thought of that aspect!


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