Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rob on American Idol?

I guess I see him everywhere.

Though, there is something about Phil Phillips that reminds me of our guy.

His look, the way he sings, even what he stands for as an artist.

Do you see it?

Dave Matthews + Robert Pattinson = Phil Phillips

Not a bad mix.

No, this guy is one a kind.  The real deal.

Makes me want Rob to get into his music even more.



  1. this song could inspire some major FF writing. js.

  2. I couldn't agree more, Meg. I can't get that song/performance out of my head either.

  3. played this video all morning, Lisa.

    he killed it last night too. i keep singing "beggin" and "we've got tonight". he really is the total package. probably can't play a brooding vampire like rob though. ;)

    sorry if i screwed up the blog train by posting this. feel free to delete. just had something to share for once. ;)

  4. Wow even before i read your first comment Meg, I was thinking this could be a theme song to some FF..even UofEM at one point.


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