Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let the countdown begin...

In 3 days we finally get to see Bel Ami in the United States!  We've been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for this movie since filming wrapped almost 2 years ago (as I recall??).  

I present the first of the top 3 reasons I cannot wait for this movie - reason 2 tomorrow

#3.  Period Dramas...what can I say, I'm a history teacher.  I love period pieces.  Period.  The style, the way of speaking, the show of what things were really like - no people weren't all prim and proper way back when...they just went about things differently ;-)

...I mean...long coat and cane...come on...

...and a top hat??...

...white suit...mmmmm....

...I see nothing wrong with this movie...nothing at all...I can't wait to see all the period pieces...and of course to watch him take them off...


  1. Great post, Lauren!

    Bring it. :)

  2. I hate period drama but I admit that it happens sometimes and I let it. The hormones are just out of control but Rob really helps me survive it.


  3. After two years of teasing its about damn time! I'm excited to see it now on VOD buuuut I cannot freaking wait for it to be on the big screen!

  4. All very good reasons, plus......lots and lots of Rob bootay, and thrusting and biting and sexy goodness!
    We are going to die ladies! Every move, every facial expression, every....okay, gotta say it again....THRUST!!!
    And I get to see it with my favorite h00rs!!!!


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