Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just a little moment I'd like to relive...

...for it's hilarity

This is just one among the many reasons I love this man!

...And finally I've found a video of this that actually works... 

...I would like to add that the MTV Movie Award nominations being what they are, this type of great and spontaneous TV isn't going to happen for the network this year.  Justin and Mila tried to be spontaneous and funny and their grope session was just awkward and stilted.  Rob's kiss and f-bomb were truly very funny and made for the MVP award of the night for sure...

Even with that, part of me is a little ok with this lack of nominations because our man has moved on a bit to more serious, true acting roles.  Bring on Bel Ami and Cosmopolis.  (Not that I'm not dying inside to see Breaking Dawn 2....it's just I'm excited to see Rob stretch his acting legs a bit...)


  1. yeah buddy!

    i don't mind the lack of noms either. we don't want it to get old, ya know?

    onwards and upwards.

  2. We still have BD1 in there as well as best kiss. I like the way you put it Lauren about the lack of nominations though - our boy is definitely moving on to bigger and better things. :)


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